Koprulu Kanyon - Antalya, Turkey Turkey looking ON POINT right about meow

*KOPRULU CANYON NATIONAL PARK ~ bridge mill handle, geomorphological formation, vegetation + lonely here in the Mediterranean cypress forest located on 400 hectares in size w/ a rich source. Having 36 thousand 614 hectares national park, w/in the limits of Turkey + 85 km from the city center.

Koprulu Canyon, A #canyon and a National Park in the Province of Antalya, #Turkey.

Köprülü Canyon National Park 92km from Antalya. Köprü River - river rafting - crystal clear spring water and rapid waves of all sizes. Spectacular view of Taurus Mountain, longest canyon in Turkey - 14 km, 100M high walls. Ancient engineering: theatre and temples of Zeus and Artemis, bridges - Oluk and Bugrum Bridge. At northeast Antalya on the Side Road, take turnoff for Taşağıl and Beşkonak to reach Köprülü Canyon National Park. scenic route crosses mountain stream, forests and waterfalls

Köprülü Kanyon Köprülü Canyon is a canyon and a National Park in the Province of Antalya, Turkey.

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