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    Easy little girl dress patterns

    Geri dön
    Easy little girl dress patterns

    Easy little girl dress patterns

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    children's romper pattern | Sew Baby - Olivia's Ruffle Butt Pants and Capris 10m-6yr E-Pattern



      does anyone know where I can get the pattern from for this outfit

    • Arlene Devroy
      Arlene Devroy

      I am also looking for this pattern. Please advise.

    • Amanda Callahan-Mims
      Amanda Callahan-Mims

      Pattern for sale here: http://www.createkidscoutur...

    • Barb Black
      Barb Black

      i love this unique outfit Barb Black

    Kwik Sew Pattern 3776 baby clothes

    Dress, Bloomers & Romper

    • Ina Nazir
      Ina Nazir

      this is so cute

    • linda oparah
      linda oparah

      Pretty! Love it

    • Vickie Bivens
      Vickie Bivens

      I must make this. Very cute

    • Debbie Gonzales
      Debbie Gonzales

      Shirley temple dresses. Love them...

    • Suzan Kelley
      Suzan Kelley

      The directions are really lacking on this pattern. There are two sequences that are not right and I am an experienced seamstress.

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    FREE PATTERN! - The Piper Dress

    The Piper Dress

    • Kim Beaudry
      Kim Beaudry

      Aww! I showed p and she loves it.

    • Barb Black
      Barb Black

      I love the colors & style..Great talent! B.Black

    Love this tutu, I've never seen anything like it! Even the hairpiece is made from tulle knotted at the ends, excited to try!!!

    şuradan Pinlendi
    • Becky Doyle
      Becky Doyle

      too cute! I'd love to try this myself.

    • Bek @ Just For Daisy
      Bek @ Just For Daisy

      Wow! It's beautiful!

    • Peggy Jenkins
      Peggy Jenkins

      I love this tutu soooo cute

    • Peggy Jenkins
      Peggy Jenkins

      is there a pattern or instructions for this

    • Frances Cronje
      Frances Cronje

      too cute have to try it

    6 yorumun tamamını göster

    Cute bonnets

    UB2 - Urban Baby Bonnets - Organic Cruiser

    • Fran Hardman
      Fran Hardman

      That is the best type of bonnet for children and ADULTS

    tutorial for this tank top dress

    Sew Homegrown: Family Fashion Week Day 4: Tank Top Ruffle Dress

    • Hannah McCallum
      Hannah McCallum

      I can't find the tutorial

    • Penny Beaty
      Penny Beaty

      went right to it, no problem finding it

    • Jamie Smith
      Jamie Smith

      Love it!!

    9 yorumun tamamını göster

    Sew a Tinkerbell Skirt & Top by The DIY Mommy

    Sew a Tinkerbell Skirt & Top | The DIY Mommy

    • Lindsay Layzell
      Lindsay Layzell

      For you Kat!

    • HuiQiao Zhao
      HuiQiao Zhao

      This is the one I wanted to sew, I didn't get time yet

    Easy to sew children's dress - includes three variations

    şuradan Pinlendi
    • Deborah Wickens
      Deborah Wickens

      I pinned from Jeanie Shirley! She may have the pattern. I love it! Hope you find it.

    • bhing mudde
      bhing mudde

      this is really cute and looks simple, but i hope i had the pattern :(

    • Amanda Petersen
      Amanda Petersen

      This is similar to the one I make from Lil Blue Boo. http://www.lilblueboo.com/2...

    • Bronwyn McGrane
      Bronwyn McGrane

      How do you get the pattern?

    • Fathmath Muna
      Fathmath Muna

      Wow cute dress

    7 yorumun tamamını göster

    the Madison dress tutorial

    the Madison dress

    • Tammi Brown
      Tammi Brown

      Oh my goodness I love this! Is the tutorial at the craftinessisnotoptional.com?

    • Tammi Brown
      Tammi Brown

      I found it! Excited! I hope I can pull it off! Thank you for sharing!!

    • Tarra Hope
      Tarra Hope

      I love this dress! Just stunning.

    • Barb Agnew
      Barb Agnew

      Where is the tutorial?

    Free Child's Maxi Dress Sewing Pattern and Tutorial

    şuradan Pinlendi
    • Norma J Wyman
      Norma J Wyman

      My granddaughter will love this..

    • Jill Vandevoort
      Jill Vandevoort

      My granddaughters would love this!

    Simple to sport and bursting with spunk, this darling dress packs quite the patterned punch! Boasting bold spots, zigzags and a button-topped floral accent, it'll lend sweet style to any laid-back little one's wardrobe. 50% cotton / 45% rayon / 5% LycraMachine wash; hang dryMade in the USA

    Home page | something special every day


    Saturday sewing

    Saturday sewing - Townmouse

    • Sarah Kennedy
      Sarah Kennedy

      Any link to the pattern? It's darling!

    • Ria van geel
      Ria van geel

      Zeker iets om ook te maken,eerst nog een leuk stofje zoeken

    • Debbie Elliott
      Debbie Elliott

      where can you get this pattern

    • Ria van geel
      Ria van geel

      Dat weet ik niet, maar ik maak de patroontjes zelf na.

    overall tutu.

    şuradan Pinlendi

    The patternless pleated skirt. Easy sewing project that yields a super-cute result!

    Mme Zsazsa: The patternless pleated skirt

    • Little Bow Chic
      Little Bow Chic

      seems like a fun item for me!

    • Katie Demers
      Katie Demers

      Where are directions?

    The Junebug pattern is here! from Jess of Craftiness is Not Optional

    The Junebug pattern is here!

    • www.lovelykidzshop.com เสื้อผ้าเด็ก
      www.lovelykidzshop.com เสื้อผ้าเด็ก

      Lovelykidzshop เสื้อผ้าเด็ก ชุดเด็ก ราคาโรงงาน www.lovelykidzshop.com

    little pumpkin grace: a little sewing project

    little pumpkin grace: a little sewing project


    T-shirt Tunic

    Spectacular Summer Craft Ideas for Kids

    • Barb Goins
      Barb Goins

      Can't find this on Parent's Website .... :(

    • Tania Jacobus
      Tania Jacobus

      http://www.parents.com/fun/... This is the correct link.

    • Barb Goins
      Barb Goins


    • Cynthia Horsford
      Cynthia Horsford

      Thanks Tania for link.

    The Barefoot Seamstress: Girl's Vintage Pillowcase Skirt {Tutorial}

    şuradan Pinlendi

    Ruffle skirts tutorial

    Grand Revival Designs: Ruffled Skirt Tutorial!

    • Kathy Kline
      Kathy Kline

      This is exactly what I was looking for to make my sweet lil' Sagie Pooh! Thanks Pinterest!

    • Cheryl Underwood
      Cheryl Underwood

      Adorable. Can't wait to try this!


      i cant find the pattern

    • Angela Nice
      Angela Nice

      No pattern!

    Secrets of a Super Mommy: Unfinished Projects~Cut off Jeans Shorts (and what to do with the leftover Legs!)

    şuradan Pinlendi

    Chelsea Andersen Children Girls Top Dress Pants Patterns McCalls 6497

    şuradan Pinlendi
    • Nicole McRae
      Nicole McRae

      My mum made this dress for my 9 year old. It is bigger in sizing but is sooo cute. ALOT of work goes into this dress! There's so much fabric (if you are making your own patched fabric) it is heavier and warmer to wear. Looks great with a long sleeve fitted top under it :)

    Free Child's Maxi Dress Sewing Pattern and Tutorial

    şuradan Pinlendi
    • N Couli
      N Couli

      Can anyone tell me what the pattern name and number is for this dress? The author linked it to Hancock Fabrics but I can't find it.

    DIY:: Sweetness ! So Simple Belle Layered Skirt Photo Tutorial

    Moda Bake Shop: Belle Layered Skirt for Toddlers


    Daddy's shirt made into a little girls dress.

    amazing mae: from dad's shirt to a little dress

    • Sandra Barrera
      Sandra Barrera

      I saw something similar in Martha Stewart. Cute!