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an empty swimming pool in the middle of a lush green park with benches and trees
an outdoor dining area with chairs and tables
a white gazebo sitting next to a swimming pool with chairs and tables under it
an outdoor swimming pool with a gazebo and lounge chairs in the background, surrounded by trees
Prettiest Pool Houses & Pavilions - The Glam Pad
a house with a pool in the back yard and some bushes on either side of it
Sarah Bartholomew Infuses a 1920s Nashville Home with Color - The Glam Pad
a pool with a gazebo next to it in the middle of some trees and bushes
Historic Preservation & Custom Design
an empty swimming pool surrounded by palm trees and lawn chairs with white drapes over it
Above Ground Pools | Semi Inground Pools | Swimming Pool Supplies
Well-Lived: Lyford Cay Home - Veranda.com
an outdoor pool with a gazebo and patio furniture
Coastal New England Harbor House - Patrick Ahearn Architect
a pool with a gazebo in the middle surrounded by trees and bushes, along with lawn furniture
a pool with a gazebo next to it and some couches on the side
Five - Amy Aidinis Hirsch