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Insane cleaning hack I Clean idea
a mason jar with an orange lid sitting on top of a white plate and the words don't throw those parmesan lids away anymore they fit on mason jars, but put the flour in this one now
Mom shares 50 ways to upcycle old furniture & items in the house giving them brilliant new purpose
an image of a lamp that is on top of a rock with candles in it
the words how to delete lots of emails at one time in gmai
Deleting LOTS of Emails at One Time in Gmail - Dana K. White: A Slob Comes Clean
an old purse that you don't use? full it up with hygiene products, your car for the next time you see a homeless woman and give it to her
You Could Even Do This For A Homeless Male... Love This
Kit, Survival, Manualidades, Aid Kit, Making Cookies, How To Use, First Aid
Prescription Pill Bottles: 20+ ways to use empty pill bottles
two bottles with water in them sitting on the ground
A useful backwoods trick
several bags filled with food sitting on top of a table next to a lake and trees
a clipboard with the words how to decide if it's clutter
How to Get Rid of Stuff
This Tape is So Sticky 😱
Heavy Duty Double-Sided Adhesive Tape Roll 😱 This tape is SO STICKY