Medically Speaking...You're Adorable!

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a quote that says we meet no ordinary people in our lives if you give them a chance
make yourself.
a black and white quote with the words, you are not medically speaking, you're adorable
your value isn't measured by any charts.
Holy frijole--I, too, am allergic.
Holy frijole--I, too, am allergic.
a woman holding up a sign that says, this is your life
Get lost and find your self.
an image of a quote with the words what a strange illusion, it is to suppose that beauty is goodness
Or that beauty is referring to physical appearance.
the words are written in different colors and font on a black background that says exercise to fit not skinnyy eat to nourish your body and ignore
Muffin Top-Less
Crazy true! Always Remember You
Crazy true!
the words i need to be slimmer love my self
Love it.
black and white photograph of a woman with stars on her body posing for the camera
404.0 - Not Found
Anne Hathaway
two women running with the words i can't believe i was late for work tomorrow
If I ever had to run for my life, I would probably die.
the run would probably kill me.
the words life is short eat on a red background
Google Reader (1000+)
start the day right. Cake, York, Kate Spade, Iphone, Design, Vogue, De Stijl, Eat Cake, Fun
Beauty, Perfume & Makeup Bags for Modern Classic Woman
start the day right.
an image of a woman's stomach with her hand on the belly
Not Found
loose bun--gonna need help with this... Coiffure Facile, Coiffure Chignon, Chignon Hair, Chignon, Tousled Hair, Hairdo, Hair Dos, Bun Hair
loose bun--gonna need help with this...
two girls with their arms in the air and one girl has her hair blown back
True that!