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♡⃞ㅤ  ִ     ࣪ 🍒 ㅤ.ㅤ ⏆  ּ
a woman standing next to a shadow of a man
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two young women standing next to each other
Idols Generation: Photo
Fandom, Rapper, Fan, Korean American, South Korean Girls
Feb 09, 2023
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💌 ꜝꜞ 💭
Lalisa Manoban, Yg Entertainment, G-idol
a woman with long white hair is smiling and holding her hand up to her face
Twice Once, Twice Group, Twice Kpop, Twice, Twice Dahyun, Nayeon
a woman making the v sign with her hands in front of her face and red curtain behind her
a woman holding a camera in front of a cross pattern with the words jesus on it
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