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A23 (23AE) Battery Holder

batteries are 12 v and its size is almost half of AAA battery. So it gives chance to use it in smaller projects. Its voltage output v) also an advantage to.

NIHUR Meatballs in Tomato Sauce

NIHUR meatball is a satisfying food that consists of meat, potatoes and kashar (cheddar) cheese.

PCB Spider (Holder) for your project

If you work with the electronics, the PCB holder is essential item for the best soldering. There are many PCB holder in market, however they are useless or.

Make a Soil Moisture Meter with the help of Arduino

I am an academician in Faculty of Agriculture. We have a lot of experiments in field and measure some parameters that are constraint to do. One of the compulsory.

Make a Wooden Tweezers to help your projects

Some projects need to more sensitive work and our fingers couldn't handle it. So we need an external tools that hold what we work with.

Homemade DC coupler (battery shell) for Canon PowerShot SX150

Homemade DC coupler (battery shell) for Canon PowerShot