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$100k per year = $86.53/hour
a poster with the words folders to make for your business written in black and white
How to Make a Well-Organized Business Digital Receipt Organizer
an info poster with the words 10 taxes you can write off when you work from home
Taxes You Can Write Off When You Work From Home [INFOGRAPHIC]
a printable business tracker is shown with the words, money and other items on it
Small business monthly income and expenses tracker
the product pricing worksheet is displayed on an iphone screen, and it appears to be in full view
The true cost of selling your handmade products
a printable sign up sheet with the words client and employee written on it in cursive writing
Client History Form
the printable inventory sheet is shown in black and white, with an arrow pointing to it
a blue poster with the words small business bookshelfing basicss on it
How to make money online in 2023
business giants for side hustlers
8 Business Grants for Side Hustlers & Sidepreneurs
the tax worksheet is shown in pink and white, with an orange border around it
How To Write a Business Plan in 9 Steps (2024) - Shopify