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Jeff: Hi there!!!! *he says in enthusiastically* Violet: *jumps so badly I fall back* ahhh! What- your covered in- who are you!? Jeff: *well... apparently this one's not an annoying fan girl... this is surprising*

I need to stop pinning Jeff the Killer stuff. Because it reminds me of someone and it's only making me miserable. But I really wanted to pin this one.

|Jeff The Killer| Fabulous by on @DeviantArt

Panel 2 - Not amused mum Eyeless Jack I& so happy I finished this xD Got the idea when I relized that what I have going on with my headcanon for Jeff and Jack is a little similiar to the Masky Tob.


Me: meow~ Jeff: *chuckles* Me: *nibbles on his ear* so how does it feel? Jeff: *blushes* is this how you feel when I bite your cat ears? Me: *nods* Jeff: good