names in gold sharpie... this kind of pretty simplicity is right up my alley.

Winter Warmth :: Outfit Inspiration and Update

How to snowflake window clings!

Puffy Paint Window Decorations -- Tape down stencil, tape wax paper over top (so nothing moves around), trace stencil with puff paint onto wax paper, let dry, peel off and stick on window!

Keep your wedding cake forever! Send pictures into this company and they will make an ornament that looks exactly like your cake

Aberrant Ornaments - Keep your wedding cake forever! Send pictures to this company and they will make an ornament that looks exactly like your cake.

Santa key. Great for those who don't have a chimney - such a cute Christmas Eve tradition to start!!

key for santa to come in the front door if you don't have a fireplace. I remember asking my mom how Santa got into our house as a kid.

Baby's beanie and hospital bracelet inside a clear Christmas it!

diy Christmas ornament for baby: place baby's beanie and hospital bracelet inside a large glass ornament (can be purchased at a craft store such as Michael's), hang on tree

Rein beer!

Reindeer beer (or in my case rootbeer) . rootbeer is a totally acceptable christmas present, right?

Woodland rustic Christmas wreath

Rustic Christmas Wreath with Burlap Ribbon, Evergreens, Berries & Pinecones; homemade trimmings of any evergreen, live or faux red berries, consignment store old bells and easy burlap bow. by Edna Aalseth

Christmas Craft Baby Feet.  Must make sure to write the year on the canvas!

Footprint Reindeer- great idea for Christmas gifts or cards. A fun activity to do with the kids and then give for Christmas. I have never met a family member that didn't like something with the child's hand/foot prints.

Got so many wine bottles at the moment, could get a paint sample, paint the bottles then spray my fake snow on them and put something inside. win!

Christmas Wine bottles: spray paint, spray adhesive, epsom salts Nice idea for winter wedding centerpiece with flowers

DIY popsicle snowflakes

popsicle stick snowflakes - I can picture these painted silver with rhinestones hanging in the windows with Christmas lights. And kids would love putting together the Popsicle stick snowflakes!

lots of great DIY holiday party decor. Id dip string in mod podge then glitter!?

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