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PRADA 携手艺术家 Cassius Hirst 推出定制运动鞋系列 – NOWRE现客


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PRADA 携手艺术家 Cassius Hirst 推出定制运动鞋系列 – NOWRE现客 Packaging, Fashion, 3d, Hirst, Sport Editorial, 2xu, Stride
PRADA 携手艺术家 Cassius Hirst 推出定制运动鞋系列
PRADA 携手艺术家 Cassius Hirst 推出定制运动鞋系列 – NOWRE现客
four different types of shapes and sizes of the surface are shown in this graphic style
Nike Sale $19 on X
a pair of sneakers is in a clear case with neon lights on the bottom and sides
silver balloons are floating in the air on display
"Indifferent Matter: From Object to Sculpture" at the Henry Moore Institute, Leeds — Mousse Magazine and Publishing
two blue benches sitting next to each other in front of a wall with clothes hanging on it
a pile of shredded white paper sitting on top of a table next to a glass block
Flek | varia | 3form
Varia(ヴァリア)/ Flek ”Zero Waste” 捨てるものを出さないというコンセプトのもとに誕生した新作『Flek』 3formの環境への哲学と開発の技術が融合したおだやかな光をまとったパネルです。 製作や加工の過程で出てしまった端材や材料を再度粉砕して製品として再びよみがえらせています。#インテリア #インテリアコーディネート #インテリアデザイン #デザイン #デザインパネル #アート #homedecore #interior #material #officedesign #パーティション #飛沫防止
two display cases with different types of shoes and balls in front of a wire mesh wall
Nike Store Display
two pairs of tennis shoes are in a display case with ice on the bottom and inside
Nike at ComplexCon 2017 - ATOMIC
four different pictures with blue and white objects in them, including an object that looks like something out of space
ManvsMachine: Nike Air Max 2017
Manvsmachine_nike airmax | STASH MAGAZINE
an abstract image of a birdcage in the dark
Harrods Infinity Beauty — Millington Associates.