Ara Güler - Sirkeci, 1968. (from Ara Güler’s Istanbul). His pictures are always so nostalgic.

sirkeci, 1968 photo by ara güler, from ara güler’s istanbul *** please don’t repost this as your own

Şehzadebaşı F: Ara Güler, 1958 #istanlook

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Ara Güler, Türkiye Wasn't sure where to pin this, but I love this so it needed to go somewhere!

Look at the depth. I always spot one of the figures last. Henri Cartier-Bresson - He makes your eye move around the picture.The Camondo Stairs from Banks Street, Istanbul, Turkey, 1965

Istanbul / photographer: Ara Guler

A retrospective of Magnum photographer Ara Güler’s photographs from his native Turkey show Istanbul as a bustling, thriving, romantic city in the century

istanbul | foto: ara güler

One that looks indeterminate in time. Via An Exquisite Paradox

Ara Güler | Offical Web Site

istanlook: uzakta kalan bir günde İstanbul F: Ara Güler

Istanbul by Ara Güler

jagged streets, jumbled shops, and damp apartment buildings with their dark staircases and gloomy courts