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a woman holding a baby in her arms and smiling at the camera while sitting on a bed
a group of toddlers sitting on the steps in front of a house with their parents
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Duggar granddaughters
three people are sitting on a couch and one person is holding an open book in front of them
Johannah and Jackson Duggar
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Johannah with Jennifer
two little boys standing next to each other holding christmas presents in front of a door
Israel and Samuel
two young children sitting next to each other
Meredith and Maryella
Bella Duggar
Bella Duggar
a little boy sitting on a bench drinking from a bottle
Henry Seewald
two young children sitting next to each other on top of a hay bale field
a little boy wearing a red vest and hat holding a stuffed animal in his mouth
Samuel Dillard
Jordyn with Ivy
a man, woman and child posing for a photo in front of christmas lights
Joe and Kendra with Garrett and Addison
Babies, Angel, Sister In Law
Jordyn with ivy and Mason
a man in a cowboy hat hugging a woman wearing a white dress and black tie
Claire and Justin