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to Plant a Vegetable Garden in Texas When to plant a vegetable garden in Texas. While it is not a rule of thumb, Texans know that planting rows in an East-West direction is more productive than a north-south direction.When to plant a vegetable garden

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Due to the climate in Texas, vegetable gardening is productive any month of the year, depending on the type of vegetable. For many, there are permanent vegetable gardens in their yard. What to plant, when and how are essential for a productive vegetable garden.

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Discover 11 Beautiful Shade Plants for Your Container Garden

Both annual and perennial plants can work in containers. Here are 11 plants that thrive in container gardens in shady areas of your landscape.

Raised bed gardening is the only way to go in South Texas with dry summers I can now have a vegitable garden that doesn't need watering all the time and it adds beauty to my property.

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Fall Gardening in South Texas

Fall is one of THE best seasons to plant your garden in South Texas. The cooler weather allows plants to develop a good root system and beco...

Herb gardening in south Texas for beginners

Herb gardening in south Texas for beginners. #examinercom #DIY #gardening #texas