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a painting of trees in the snow with red leaves
George Shipperley
George Shipperley (American) - Oil Pastel
a piece of paper with a drawing on it and a pen sitting next to it
Creates 3D painting of a jaguar
Fluorescencyjne pastele
Postaw na dodatkowe efekty Twojej pracy. Nasze pastele olejne rozszerzyliśmy o kolory metaliczne i fluorescencyjne kolory.
Art and design perspectives in 3d
an art work with cats and flowers on it
an oil painting of a bridge over a body of water
Virtual Museum, best of contemporary visual art, page 46
Virtual Museum, best of contemporary visual art, page 46
VICIADA??? SIM!!! Nas misturinhas de cores que eu vou usar na semana mais charmosa do mês de julho!!
É PACABÁ!!!🤩🤩🤩
a drawing of the colossion in rome, italy on brown paper with black ink
Boxes and Supplies for Moving | NorthStar Moving Company
Moving box turned masterpiece. Remember to recycle your moving boxes or use recycled moving boxes to save green and go green on moving day. Follow link in bio to learn more about how eco-friendly packing materials will save you money. Repost: @jordanfretzart Day 23 “Ancient”: Cardboard Coliseum #Ecofriendly #Thursdaythoughts #Greenmoving #ecoliving #recycle #reducewaste #savetrees #Artwork #upcycle #colosseum #italy #cardbaoardart #movingart
Alcohol Ink Roses Tutorial