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Other Plywood Projects – Toto Kayak

The Toto is a 13’ long and is built using a stitch & glue method from two sheets of plywood. This type of kayak can be built in a few weekends with basic woodworking and epoxying skills.

Building boats for a to go about plans/designs?

Building boats for a to go about plans/designs?

If I would sell boats how would I pay the designer or can I just buy a plan for every boat I built?

A tingladillo. Al estar las tracas del casco solapadas pueden ser más delgadas, obteniendo una embarcación ligera. Además, para su realización puede emplearse madera verde o recién talada. Sin em-bargo, el relieve del casco produce unas turbulencias durante la na-vegación, perceptibles por un sonido característico; además de in-cidir en la hidrodinámica del barco, estas turbulencias podrían de-latar su presencia entre ciertas especies a capturar, como la ballena.

Bertan 23 - Nuestros barcos Capítulo 11: Eraikuntza motak. Teilakatuta eta topeka

Rollin Thurlow - Boat Building this school is amazing! Can't wait for next summer!

Wood and canvas canoe construction

The art of building a cedar and canvas canoe with a master builder.

T2, a 5.4 meter Sailing Proa

T2, a 5.4 meter Sailing Proa

How to build a plywood boat for cheap. 2 sheets of 1/4" flexible plywood.

How to build a canoe from scratch on a graduate student stipend

For the last week, my Twitter feed (@sfriedscientist) has been overrun with pictures of half built canoes. Well, we finally finished the boat, so here is Bluegrass Blue Crab and the Southern Fried …


Sailing Biography

I Grew Up Sailing I was very fortunate. As far back as I can remember, our family had a sailboat. The first one I remember was a 19′ Seagull wooden sailboat. I learned the basics on that boat. I learned to “feel” and anticipate where the boat wanted to be (particularly in rough water). I learned …

Viking Boat 1/6 Scale

Ich habe mir in den Kopf gesetzt ein Wikinger Schiff in 1/6 zu bauen. Die Länge des Kiels ist 200cm. Die Breite liegt bei 45cm. Anfänglich wollte ich es in...

Building a plywood pocket cruiser sailboat

Building a sailboat to sail down the Mississippi river on our honeymoon.

POLYNESIAN CATAMARAN Wooden Model - Google Search

POLYNESIAN CATAMARAN Wooden Model - Google Search

Rowing Skiff - Simple, Fast, Pretty Utility Rowboat - Michael Storer Boat Design

15 1/2 ft Rowboat - easy, pretty, plywood Rowboat Plan

The MSD Rowboat is very pretty, reasonably light and easy to build. The specifications are here but the article also runs through the design process from client consultation including some of the designers missteps before a very nice boat is finalised.

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