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Viking huts and longhouses2 by Shagan-fury on DeviantArt

More of those I really enjoyed painting them in this style, It was like hut-painting therapy Viking huts and longhouses2

Why Did the Vikings Burn Their House When Dead?

The Vikings burnt their longhouse to ash when dead. This was a Viking ritual as they believed in the connection of the longhouse with their soul.

Ogres vs. Dwarves: Who Will Be Next in The Workshop? | Page 10 | EverQuest Next

Not for anything but it was an odd choice to release an Ogre-themed eBook and a new Workshop poll that included Ogres around the same time. The...

My viking warship : Minecraft

My viking warship

My viking warship : Minecraft

Ancient Nordic Viking Long Ship Glass Holder

Medieval Scandinavian architecture: Viking longhouses - Walls with Stories

Buildings such as the Viking Longhouse & Icelandic turf houses, their religious buildings and boathouses too, a unique expression in medieval architecture.

Viking Building Style in Minecraft - Minecraft Guides

Tutorial on how to build in a viking style, with downloads and examples.

Viking House Concept, Semih Okşit

Viking House Concept by Semih Okşit on ArtStation.

Borgund And Stave Churches, Norway

Borgund And Stave Churches, Norway

Borgund Stavkirke at Lærdal in Western Norway is the only stave church that has remained unchanged since the Middle Ages. The church was constructed from about 2000 carefully crafted pieces of wood around 1150 and was dedicated to the apostle St. Andrew.

Viking house, Dhruv Chakkamadam on ArtStation at - Ashley Home

Viking house, Dhruv Chakkamadam on ArtStation at Viking house, Dhruv Chakkamadam on ArtStation

Fantoft Stave Church, Norway (This church is actually a replica of the original 1100s church, which was famously burned down by black metal musician and arsonist, Varg Vikernes in 1992)

Stave Churches Are All Wood, Dragons, and Beauty

These austere churches mix Nordic dragons with Christian saints.

The Viking Longhouse - vintagetopia

Generally, zero windows were used in the home. The roof would incorporate some smoke holes over the central firepits. The big and well-supported attic enabled large amounts of hay or grain to be kept in dry conditions. The houses built by the various tribes and ethnic groups can differ from one another. In the middle of the house there was a lengthy fire. The fireplace was usually put in the middle, and would supply the lighting and heating for the entire property. A significant part the…

2017 ChunkWorld (Redux)

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Viking Spirit in Colorado

A Whimsical Boathouse Reminiscent of Norwegian Stave Churches