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ham is stacked on top of each other with the words easy spiral ham glaze
Brown Sugar Glaze Spiral Ham Recipe
small cupcakes with peeps in them on a cake stand
Hop to it: 5 Bunny Themed Treats for Easter | Fannie May Chocolates
The perfect Easter treat for children (and children at heart): Peep Bunny Dirt Cups! Get the recipe
a butterfly made out of gummy bears in a plastic bag on a white surface
50 DIY Easter Crafts for Adults – Pink Lover
Easter Basket Stuffer or just a treat for someone special....
four cookies with different colored frosting are on a white surface, and one is in the shape of a cookie
50+ Rainbow Treats
Sugar Cookies with Buttercream Frosting for Easter!!! sweets dessert treat…
orange pineapple dream dessert in a glass dish
The Ultimate Orange Pineapple Dream Salad Recipe
A delicious and easy Easter dessert - Orange Pineapple Dream Salad! #Easter #dessert #recipe #orange #pineapple
an easter cake with white frosting and sprinkles
Easter Sugar Cookie Cake - Crazy For Crust
Easter Sugar Cookie Cake - This easy sugar cookie recipe is filled with spring M&Ms and sprinkles and baked in a cake pan. Make an easy frosting and you have the perfect spring cookie cake!
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a collage of photos with shoes, candy and baby footprints on them that say it's your birth
Christ Centered Easter Baskets For Kids
Christ-Centered Easter Gifts
a card with a green bow on it and the words he knows the hair on your head like 12
Christ-Centered Easter Basket: { He Knows The Hairs on Your Head }
Detail-Oriented Diva!: Christ-Centered Easter Basket: { He Knows The Hairs on Your Head }
some pink peepies are sitting in a bowl with tags on them that say no bunny loves you like jesus
Easter Peeps and Jesus
Cute idea! No "Bunny" Loves You Like Jesus Loves You! using bunny PEEPS. --- Easter idea
the instructions for how to make mickey mouse hair clips with crocheted headbands
Use Tattoos to Decorate Easter Eggs
How to make Disney Eggs for Easter! This craft is SO EASY! #Disney
a yellow peep sitting on top of green lettuce next to a pink sign
A little something I made for my young women using my silhouette cameo. I heard about the idea from a friend and decided to try it!
lemon whoope pies raspberry filling on a cake plate
Lemon Whoopie Pies with Fresh Raspberry Filling!
Oh my! Lemon whoopie pies with raspberry filling! These also look like an amazing Easter dessert!
four pieces of chocolate covered strawberries on a white plate
Chocolate Covered Strawberries Delivery & Dipped Fruit
Easter Hand Dipped Strawberries - dipped in white chocolate made orange with food coloring. Precious!
a row of cupcakes with different colored frosting
Easter Cupcake
rainbow peeps cupcakes!
a pink and white polka dot cup filled with crafting supplies on top of a table
Top 50 Easter Basket ideas.
two bottles with candy and bunny ears on them
Floating around with Bubblzinthe D
Cute for kids' Easter baskets
some peeps on a stick are sitting next to two boxes and a teapot
Peeps on a stick... clever, cheap, and looks great in the basket! Need to remember this next Easter! - Chicfluff
Peeps on a stick... clever, cheap, and looks great in the basket!
four cake pops with bunny ears on them and the words happy birthday written in pink
Tip Junkie – Party Games, Holidays, Paper Crafts, DIY Room Decor, and Gifts!
strawberry cake pop with pink candy corn ears
a cake decorated with peep holes and candy
Easter Cake
Peeps Cake
some rice krispy treats with pink bunny ears on them
Disney.com | The official home for all things Disney
Freeze the Peeps first, then push into Rice Krispies treats before they harden.
an egg lunch box filled with different types of food and snacks for kids to eat
Easter Egg Hunt Lunch...how fun!!
an easter meal with carrots and other foods
16 Must Make Easter Sweets – DIY Home Sweet Home
Easter treats
four different pictures with easter decorations and bunnies in the shape of eggs, carrots, peeps, and rabbits
30 Popular Easter Activities and Crafts For Kids
30 Popular Easter Activities and Crafts for Kids found at the Tip Junkie.
an easter card with the words 30 things to put in easter eggs besides candy on it
Easter Egg Hunts-More Than Just Candy-Lots of Ideas
Lots of ideas!!
some kind of food that is on top of a cookie sheet in the shape of an animal
Cinnabunnies - made with Pillsbury cinnamon rolls - cute for the kids
two little birds sitting on top of a cupcake
Cupcake Recipes
Easter Cupcakes
some cookies with bunny ears on them
Bunny and Chick Pretzels
Easter Bunnies
a white plate topped with heart shaped cookies covered in frosting and orange rubber ducks
fun way to enjoy salty n sweet
a white bowl filled with lots of candy popcorn
Bunny Bait... - Sing For Your Supper
Bunny Bait!
a cake shaped like a bunny laying on top of a plate with carrots and grass
Bunny Butt Cake
Bunny Butt Cake - Hop to it and make this cute cake for Easter! Recipe from Betty Crocker.
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some kind of dessert with icing on top of it and faces made to look like ducks
Easy & Adorable Oreo Chicks | Spring & Easter Treats | Old Salt Farm
cute little Oreo Chicks
a vase filled with lots of yellow flowers on top of a blue table next to candy
Easy Easter Centerpieces
a white bowl filled with lots of candy popcorn
Bunny Bait... - Sing For Your Supper
Easter snack!
a cupcake with frosting and carrots on it sitting on a blue surface
Easter Cupcakes and Treats with M&M's
Easter Cupcake ideas--adorable!
several colored eggs are in the dirt on the ground
Cutest Easter Tradition
Cute Easter Tradition 1. Buy some "magic" Jelly Beans 2. Plant them in your yard- this only works the night before Easter (wink wink) 3. The next morning go out and see what grew (large Lollipops!) follow link to pics
some kind of dessert in a green cup on a table
Easter Bark Recipe
Bunny Bark
a person cutting into some kind of cake in a tin foil pan with two spoons
Do Something! 4/22-4/28
Making marbled Easter eggs with shaving cream and food dye
there are many cookies on the tray ready to be eaten
Perfect Easter Treat!