Love you mom

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an image of the night sky with stars above it and words written in different languages
a purple heart with the words somewhere in heaven, my mother is smiling down at me i miss you mama
a lit candle with the words, was ene multer wrrkh edent
Unvergessen - Gedenkseiten & Traueranzeigen
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the silhouette of two people sitting in front of a blue background with an inscription on it
a person holding an umbrella standing on a pier in the rain with words above it
a white rose sitting on top of a table next to a green leafed plant
the night sky with clouds and stars above it is an image that says, liee mann
Unvergessen - Gedenkseiten & Traueranzeigen
a lit candle with the words written in german on it and an image of a black background
Gedenken An Verstorbene Mutter – Trauerverse Für Die Mama Im Himmel
a poem written in black and white with the words to my mother
44 Thoughtful Quotes to Help Comfort Anyone Who's Lost Their Mother