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my wants LOL, some of these are just hilarious and some of these are soo freaking cool!)LOL, some of these are just hilarious and some of these are soo freaking cool!

Simple but brilliant ideas

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You can never have enough cool gadgets and accessories. So, we've decided to round up 18 more awesome examples for your viewing enjoyment. These are so cool (especially the swing table!

18 More Fun and Creative Gadgets, Accessories You Might Want

Another day, another batch of fun and creative gadgets, accessories that you might want, but probably don't need. Starting off, we have the bizarre "Baby Holster" by Howtobeadad, which was designed to make carrying babies more manly, though definitely not safer. Continue reading to see them all.

Here's another batch of cool and creative home gadgets that think outside the box. Take my money!

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I like all of them except the hats. I LOVE the egg bar, couch pit, and skateboard baby stroller! If I get married and have kids, I want it.

7 Strange and Weird Products, Ideas That Might Puzzle You

There are some products, ideas that are simply genius, and then there's these: the hair saver, egg bar, couch pit, superhero cap capes, Kit-Kat drumstick, skateboard stroller, and the hoodie backpack. For those who reside in the southern hemisphere (Australia, South America, Africa, etc.), #3 might

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18 Simple (Yet Clever) Gadgets and Accessories

Most alarm clocks are boring, this one is not. Designed and built by Mike Krumpus, this one works like an actual stick of dynamite, complete with a countdown that requires you to snip (or pull out) one of 3 wires to stop the alarm. Continue reading to see more.

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16 Cool and Creative Inventions Geeks Would Love

Cool inventions! I love the last one!!

Another creative batch of fun and cool gadgets, accessories that you might want.-- I have something like the bed tent one, it is awesome

18 More Fun and Cool Gadgets, Accessories You Might Want

Artists who use spray paint will appreciate this nifty all-in-one can - designed by Giuseppe C. - that can be mixed to create just about any color that exists. We've rounded up eighteen more fun and cool gadgets, accessories you might want, but probably don't need. Continue reading to see them all.

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7 Amazing Gadgets, Accessories That Might Change the World

Sure, not all of these may be useful for everyone, but there are at least a few that would be game changers, such as the iTouchless bag reasler. Or, for those who still find themselves reading physical books and magazines more so than their digital verions, ScanBoard will definitely come in handy. C

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Some People Have The Best Ideas


Talking about shower design, there will be no ends. As we knoe that there are a lot of shower design that can be applied on our bathroom. In this case, we only discuss about the shower head design which has cool concept.

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SlipperyBrick.com - Dropping gadgets, breaking news. SlipperyBrick provides the latest news and information on consumer electronics, cool gadgets and related technologies.

10 Cool and Geeky Products, Ideas That Think Outside the Box - Gadgets

10 Cool and Geeky Products, Ideas That Think Outside the Box

Sure, 2014 may be right around the corner, but thinking outside the box is always important no matter the task. These 10 cool and geeky products, ideas are definitely on the right track, ranging from Princess Leia hairbun headphones to a repurposed dumpster pool. Click here to view the first image i

30 awesome things that will change your life.shut up and take my money!