delicate embroidery...need to do some embroidery.

delicate embroidery, Grandma J's home filled with beautiful hand sewing & stitchery. "Mary Francis" always surrounded herself with beautiful handmade things. I beleive my sister inherited that trait of needlework & immagination from her.

cross stitch chart

Hearts with flowers or paisley design. Free sewing pattern graph for cross stitch or plastic canvas. / Фото #115 - 14 - tatasha

Points de croix *m cross stitch pink rose floral

miniature needlework chart

To Sew or Not to Sew

Open House Miniatures - Charted needlework rose for Perler Beads

free cross stitch chart

cross stitch pattern heart of hearts- includes DMC number colors

petits coeurs 31pts X 33pts

Petits cœurs en point de croix Plus / Фото #1 - 16 - mikolamazur

Cross-stitch Spread Your Wings.

miniature needlework chart

Open House Miniatures - Charted needlework rose for Perler Beads / Фото #8 - MONOGRAMS 1 - aaadelayda

Complete Double Letters with Roses / Фото #2 - 71 - mikolamazur

Another Margaret Sherry creation :)//Gallery.



Small bouquet. Cross stitch pattern. $4.00, via Etsy.

Recharted from an original hand painted Berlin woolwork chart. 110 x 110 stitches

#Love Wedding #ponto cruz #casal

#Love Wedding #ponto cruz #casal

#Love Wedding #ponto cruz #casal

#Love Wedding #ponto cruz #casal / Фото #5 - 803 - Yra3raza

ru / - The album

Les idées de Rose: Gâtée !!!

How To Crochet: Chain Loop Fringe