Handmade gift tags.

I like this idea, but would try to extend the water theme. Put plastic fish inside with a gift card to Bass Pro Shops! A gift card to the pool store or local water park would be fun too. I'm all about making the gift card connect.

Ring Bearer Pillow

Garbo Ring Bearer Pillow - Satin pillow available in 18 colors. Decorated with a satin overlay and a crystal brooch.

Cinderella Wedding Ring Cushion | Olivier Laudus

Olivier Laudus offers a large range of celebrity inspired jewellery suitable for any occasion including weddings.

プルメリアと紫陽花のリングピロー  Plumeria Hydrangea starfish shell pink yellow

プルメリアと紫陽花のリングピロー Plumeria Hydrangea starfish shell pink yellow

Holiday Gift Guide: Audrey Ring Bearer Pillow

The Audrey Ring Bearer Pillow by Beverly Clark is perfect for that special little boy in your wedding. This wedding ring bearer pillow is a must-have for your wedding.

Mauve Ring Cushion

Ring Bearer Pillow in Silver and White with Handmade Flowers, Feathers and Jewels

Ring Bearer Pillow - Tuxedo Ring Pillow ❤

Tuxedo Ring Pillow The little boy has a big job. This stylish tuxedo ring pillow is design just for that. Measuring this handsome pillow is decorated just like a tuxedo. Perfect for the ring bearer.