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a stone fireplace in a living room with wood flooring and walls painted gray, white and brown
A mixed pattern Old New England Wall fireplace for #fireplacefriday. The mason @jeffreytuft of Set ‘n Stone Masonry used this fieldstone collection to create this one of a kind fireplace. Thank you to @the_rockshop_nhthinstone for supplying the stone for this feature. #delgadostone #masonry #leadbyexample #usenaturalstone #stonework #masonry
a room with stairs leading up to a bed and bookshelf in the background
an office with a desk, chair and computer in the atticed room is shown
17 Clever Ideas How To Organize Quality Study Corner For Your Child
an attic office with bookshelves, desk and chair in it's center
21 Awesome Home Office Bookshelf Design Ideas For Your Home
an attic office with two desks and chairs in the corner, along with a rug on the floor
Modern Attic Room- Ideal Balance Between Aesthetics and Ergonomics
an attic with bookshelves, desk and chair
an attic with bookshelves and stairs leading up to the second floor
Best Attic Before and Afters 2015
before and after pictures of a living room that has been built into the side of a house
Attic Rooms - 11 Different Conversion Ideas - Home Tree Atlas