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I paid my rent so don't ask me to come out. I'm at home getting my moneys worth.
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the words what do your tattoos mean? that i cannot't be trusted with $ 800
a quote that says i'm thinking about joining the cicadas this summer and just screaming for 6 weeks straight
the woman is standing in her living room and talking to another person who is sitting down
a pink background with the words online shopping for 3 hours and then closing all the tabs and not buying anything is one of my favorite hobbies
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Gingers Have Powers!
a white background with the words i don't know about all, but i don't have any more passwords left in me
the text reads, feel free to take advice from me but you should know i almost smoked drinking the prings crumbs out of the canister
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the text reads, one thing i know how to do is turn $ 150 into $ 38
a white background with the words if i come off as first, i apoloize it's just the pimp in me
It’s a flaw 😂🤷🏼‍♀️
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i want people to know i’m ignoring them.
it's been a cuddle with my toaster in the bathtub kind of week
a pink background with the words whoever is keeping arizona iced tea at 99 cents needs to run our economy economy
a text message with the words travel the world send a risky text swim naked, fight a shark stab a strangers steal a car free to mexico live a little
two emoticions with the words it's so hard to stop cusing sentences just don't feel the same
a white background with the words, i'm not too good at pushups or stops, but tuck ups? let me tell ya
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the text reads, get my tires rotted? u'n pretty sure they rotate while i'm driving but thanks
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a white background with the words i'm due to not wanting to i will not be able