Mosque of the Prophet (Masjid-e-Nabvi) Madina (5 of 30) by ShaukatNiazi, via Flickr

Al-Masjid al-Nabawi, often called the Prophet's Mosque, is a huge mosque situated in the city of al-Madinah, Saudi Arabia

Mecca is the birthplace of Prophet Muhammad. It is regarded as the holiest city in the religion of Islam and a pilgrimage to it known as the Hajj is obligatory upon all able Muslims.

Mecca, Saudi Arabia on the night of the of Ramadan this year. For Muslims, this location is the spiritual “pole” and this angle really projects that image.


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12 Activites to do with children for Eid Al-Adha

twelve children’s activities for hajj

eid ul adha doesn't seem to get as much attention as eid ul fitr after a month of fasting. we can get in the hajj spirit if we begin delving into and commemorating the hajj -- the annual pilgrimage.

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