A Mans Guide To The Vest Infographic 700

A Man's Guide To Vests

Gentlemen: ~ A Man's Guide To The Vest (Infographic). I hate the 6 button vest it looks weird to me

I Find This Humerus Pin

I Find This Humerus Pin @ møe 🌞⛅🌟 fσℓℓσω мє for more!

No matter what else is going on, dance the night away. More

20 Happy Quotes That Prove DANCING Is ALWAYS The Answer

ADF Druid symbol, Tree of Life by Tom Butler #TB #Technoglyf

Tree of Life by Tom Butler, an ADF Druid Symbol "The Sigil of the Cosmos" the 'tree of life' expresses core Pagan concepts. The Wheel of the Sky Powers. The Hall of Lugh, the pattern of the Hall of the Gods. The Spiral, sign of the Underworld the flo

Love this idea - feathers tucked into top pocket instead of a boutonniere

pantone fall 2013 color report

Forget the flower boutonniere, for a flowerless wedding, have this rustic groom wear feathers in his breast pocket instead.

Arcana Playing Cards inspired by Tarot-Artwork by Chris Ovdiyenko, Dead on Paper-Card back dark

Chris Ovdiyenko is raising funds for Arcana Playing Cards on Kickstarter! Playing cards inspired by the Tarot. Arcana is a new deck of custom hand-drawn playing cards printed by USPCC.

Dark Yin Yang Tree Round Sticker

Dark Yin Yang Tree Classic Round Sticker

what I like about this design is how the two sides of the Taijitu blend into one another, suggesting fluidity and totality. The divisions are less apparent and the similarities are what matters. I prefer warm colours as opposed to cold.