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Kadir Ozer

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If you want to have a ripped body like Wolverine, you can do this workout at your home. You can do all these 9 exercises with your bodyweight. Choose a level of difficulty from 1 to 3 and do this exercises for 3, 5 or 7 sets for each level. Neila Rey advices to rest between sets for 2 minutes.

Dwayne Johnson Chest Workout

The Dwayne Johnson chest workout builds The Rock’s massive upper body. Johnson detailed his workout routine for the movie Pain & Gain via Twitter and Instagram. The Rock’s trainer, George Farah, also talked about the exercises they did together. The Rock’s chest workout is illustrated below. For Pain & Gain, Dwayne Johnson wanted to be

How to Perform CPR on an Adult #infographic

How to Perform CPR on an Adult

Experiment: Monitor Your Heart Rate with the SpikerShield Electrocardiogram (EKG)

FEATURED POST @dansunphotoart - A great first day at the 41st annual EMS Rendezvous Conference in North Dakota. Here's a shot I took today of one of the coolest paint jobs I've seen on a medi Heli. This one is from AMRG Air Medical Resource Group. ___Want to be featured? _____ Use #chiefmiller in your post ... . CHECK OUT IT! Welcome to Safe Fleet offering some of the most rugged and respected brands in the industry. Elkhart Brass FRC FoamPro &ROM head up the Safe Fleet Emergency…

I had the idea for this image recently while having a busy shift on the ambulance. We were dealing with several high acuity calls when we were called to a simple hospital transfer. I was thinking that if our patient knew what had happened on the stretcher she was sitting on just moments ago she wouldn't be as at ease with where she was. I then starting thinking of all the things that happen in the back of my ambulance when I'm not on shift. ...If these walls could talk.

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