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Don't just paint over your problems (that won't fix anything). Grab some spackle and a plastic knife to even out holes on your corner or dents in your wall — then add paint on top of your smooth-as-can-be wall. Get the tutorial at Behind the Studio

Massachusetts, USA, in 1995. Twins Brielle and Kyrie were both born weighting less than a kilo but especially Kyrie was very frail.  She was crying all the time and could not calm down.  A nurse, ignoring the hospital’s protocol placed both twin sisters in the same incubator and after that Kyrie’s heart pulse was normal and she stopped crying.  During the next few days her overall health also improved. You never know how much an simple act of love will mean to someone. It could ju...

One twin was not expected to live. A hospital nurse fought to put them in the same incubator. The stronger baby wrapped her arm around her sister, and her touch allowed the struggling baby's heart to stabilize and her temperature to return to normal.