I am inspired by unique wall art and practical uses for picture frames ... please check out my ★Gallery Wall board too.
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Rangelent bijoux

Curiousities & cubbies

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Frame shelving

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33 Interior Decorating Ideas Bringing Natural Materials and Handmade Design into Eco Homes -- there are some very cool ideas.

Sticks 'n' twigs, framed

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D.I.Y. framing

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an old dresser has pictures and other items on it
DIY Wall Art Ideas
there is a framed photo on the wall above a beer dispenser with shots in it
Perfect for hiding things you'd like kept a secret... perhaps evidence temporarily?
a man standing in front of a box with the words how to cut plexglass without chipping
How to Cut Plexiglass Without Chipping
a mason jar hanging on a wall with the words your pockets written in white lettering
DIY Under $5 - A Little Tipsy
A Little Tipsy: DIY Under $5
a poster that says lettuce turnip the beet on it's side
43 Hilarious Food Puns That Are So Good They Make You hungry
an assortment of sewing supplies displayed in a shadow box
Vintage Sewing Notions Shadowbox.
a license plate mounted to a wall with keys hanging from it's hooks,
spoons and measuring spoons are in a shadow box with writing on the side