pendant or earrings

chakra colors too pendant or earrings. done in colors of the rainbow or with birthstone colors for Mother/Grandmothers pendant.

beaded dragonfly

5 DIY Tutorials to Create Dragon Fly Jewelry. Laurel would LOVE a bunch of these dragonflies in greens, blues, purples please

Bracelet shamballa agatha pink

Kit pulseiras coração e ágata rosa

Bracelet shamballa agatha pink - 5 separate bracelets to wear in any combination or alone

crochet pendant in wire frame

crochet pendant ~~ brilliant, why didn't I think of this, not tatting but could apply the same technique for a tatted motif.

beaded scallop shell

Pendants-shells "Memories of the Sea" by Olesya Marchenko. Love this idea for a DIY seashell pendant