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an outdoor lounge area with a pool in the distance at dusk, surrounded by sand dunes
Qasr al Sarab, in the Empty Quarter, Abu Dhabi. Ticked off the bucket list 2011. Just amazing...
there are many bikes that are on the rack in this room and one is black
Fat biking in Abu Dhabi | Time Out Abu Dhabi
Fat biking the Empty Quarter
many small boats in the water with people sitting on them and umbrellas over them
Dubai Creek - This natural creek is the city's lifeline - and where the story of this modern metropolis began
a car parked in front of a tall building with two towers on it's sides
Joel K Phoblography: Photo
Jumeriah Towers, Abu Dhabi, UAE. These sky scrapers are just flying up all over the place! Abu Dhabi, UAE
the inside of a restaurant with many tables and chairs on top of carpeted flooring
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Sky Bar at Burj Al Arab …, amazing sunsets or just a night sky onto infinity across the sea.
various types of spices on display at a market
Spices, Abu Dhabi
a walkway leading to a large building with palm trees in the foreground and water reflecting on the ground
UAE// Dubai
a woman standing in the middle of a desert with her arms up and legs spread out
Brianna Dawes
a woman is sitting on a ledge in front of the burj building, talking on her cell phone
a woman standing in front of a large building with palm trees and potted plants
Dubai Travelguide - Leonie Hanne
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a woman standing in the middle of a walkway covered with pink, white and purple flowers
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an outdoor seating area on the beach with a burj building in the background
a woman standing on top of a sandy beach next to tall buildings in the background
Leonie Hanne in Abu Dhabi - From @ohhcouture instagram
a person walking down a sandy hill with footprints in the sand
Abu Dhabi Mini Guide • WishWishWish
Abu Dhabi • WishWishWish