Llama "FACTS"

Facts about llamas from The Geek Feminist Revolution.
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a llama with its mouth open and some words above it that say lamaa fact
a poster with an image of a camel's face and the words land fact on it
a poster with an image of two dogs in space and the caption says, i am fact
a yellow sign sitting on the side of a road next to a dirt road with mountains in the background
a llama with its wings spread and fire coming out of it's mouth
True Facts
a llama with long horns standing next to another llama in a fenced area
a poster with an image of a llama and the words lamaa is so large that a million earth could fit inside, and yet it is only a middle - sized organ
an image of a fire with the words lamaa fats on it in yellow and black
there are many eggs in the nest with words above it that say, i am not afraid
the llama is pink and has yellow stars on it's head, with a rainbow in the background