Beautiful picture

Blue Diamond

Fauvism Portraits | This is probably the most famous Fauve portrait. Mme. Matisse ...

Matisse & Co. – The Flashy Fauves

André Derain - Woman in a Chemise, 1906 Oil on canvas 100 x 81 cm.

Monet's poplars

Les Peupliers, Automne - Claude Monet I had a row of poplars like this near my house until someone cut them down.

Please wait for me ill be there, and we will look into each others eyes once more.  And our love will be all around us and never again will I be alone on the earth. For this is my heaven and we live here.  I will be there I promise. Please wait.

Reflections of western life in autumn. Lake-City-Barn-Reflection, Colorado - Image by Adam Schallau Photography

Maurice De Vlaminck - 1876-1958 - Le grand quai

Les lieux qui ont inspiré les peintres 6 – Le Havre