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How to Work the Feathered Chain Embroidery Stitch

The Feathered Chain Stitch is a decorative hand embroidery stitch that utilizes chain stitches arranged on a zig-zag as if working the feather stitch. This highly textured surface embroidery stitch can be used in bands and rows.


Raised Chain Stitch - Step stitch the bars at regular intervals & length; Step 2 work Barred Chain Stitch across the bars.

Кружево предметы одежды - Аня Журавлева - Веб-альбомы Picasa

Кружево предметы одежды - Аня Журавлева - Веб-альбомы Picasa

Dentelle dentelle de bobin Fan-3 par MadamKruje sur Etsy

Lace fan - A charming ladies accessory that gives a unique charm and an air of refined mystique. Created with bobbin lace.

Europe - Russia/Vologda

Russian bobbin lace panel with stylized domes of an orthodox cathedral. "Vologda" is the name of the Russian town where this kind of bobbin lace is manufactured.


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