The Blue Mosque in Istanbul - Turkey

The Blue Mosque in Istanbul - Turkey *Lol, this is not the Blue Mosque. It's Sabanci Merkez Camii in Adana - Turkey.

İstanbul Galata Tower,By Alika

Cafes & restaurants in the area of the Galata Tower (Galata Kulesi in Turkish), Istanbul, Turkey

Ohmygosh.  Drawing me back to Istanbul!

Turkey, what a skyline, glorious! It was Istanbul, then Constantinople.

Bosphorus Bridge, Istanbul photo by Emin Yeniacun

Bosphorus Bridge Suspension bridge in Istanbul, Turkey .I traveled this bridge to teach at Kuleli Askeri Lisesi for 3 + years. Sweet memories of Turkiye and my students!

Turkish Tea: How to Make, Serve and Drink

Tips on making proper Turkish tea and acting properly when serving and drinking it - read not to mess up with a major deal in Turkey!


My window is on Istanbul. I just arrived here a short while ago (read here how) and at least the coming months you can expect many Istanbul photos, as well as some older ones from the past months when I was traveling Europe.