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Frozen Yogurt Bites
No baking required for this healthy snack! You only need a few ingredients and a freezer! Any flavor of yogurt should work, but I like using vanilla Greek yogurt the best. All you have to do is combine the yogurt with some cream cheese and honey and top with granola if desired, then pop them in the freezer for a couple hours. My homemade granola recipe is on my profile if you are interested in making it! You can also just eat them plain, or use store bought granola, chocolate chips, be…
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Pineapple Banana Bread
Pineapple Banana Bread
1h 20m
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easy pies that are so good! | pie | Derek makes all his favorite pies that are perfect for summertime. | By Derek's Creations | Alright, we got some sweetened condensed milk and some cherry Kool-Aid. We're going to make a really awesome summer pie for you guys. Wow, that smells like cherry Kool-Aid. Dang, There's like two really invades the nostrils. Yeah concentrated ingredients together. That is awesome. Okay. I'm not going to fully mix it because I'm going to mix the rest with the next step. So let me grab our big mixing bowl. And we're going to grab some Cool Whip. This is a 8 ounce tub. Gonna dump that in there. Always find this easier to mix whenever I've kind of let it sit out a little bit. Not in the freezer. Pour this right on top of there. Whoa. Oh yeah. This stuff is thick. Man. Two Cs. Two Cs. Will this one finally be red? I think. Will it? It will be much more red. You think so? Yeah. Oh yeah. Look at that. I mean I could add some food coloring. I guess. I mean it's looking good right now though. It's kind of like a a pink. Yeah. Dude that looks great. Dude this is thick. Other ones weren't getting this yeah. This pink. Obviously. This colorful. But yeah this color like this looks cool. I don't know if you guys can tell but this is like way thicker. It's like cake batter. Yeah it's like it's putting my triceps for work. You can definitely put this in a balloon and really hit somebody with it. Oh yeah. Alright get your graham cracker crust or make one if you're extra fancy. I'm not extra fancy. This works just fine. It looks like gum. Laffy taffy. Oh yeah. You just you just melted some laffy taffy in that. That is so true. I feel like this a little thick and quicker right? Yeah. Cuz it's already thick. Like more thick than like the root beer and things like that that I've tried recently. Is that pretty good? I think that looks. Spread it. It smells really cherry. Yeah. Putting my baking. You're a real pie guy these days. Even though this isn't is this considered baking still if you're not like baking. Putting it in the oven. We're making something. It looks like a big like cupcake top. I was put this in the freezer for about three hours. And check it out. Ooh baby that looks good. What's that like? Oh yeah. Nice. Okay. I see. Let's cut some of this out. Looks like shine coming off of it. I know. Ooh that tastes good. That little finger looking that I got. Cuts really nice. Smooth. Definitely more thick than those float pies that I did. So it doesn't really take as long in the freezer. Probably like condensed milk. Look at that. That is thick right there. Let's try this out. Man, that looks so good. I'm going to do some cool whip. If you had a cherry that would be pretty smart because it senses like a cherry pie. But I'm not that smart. So we don't get one unfortunately. Let's try this out though. Get some of that whipped cream on there. Like is it going to taste like Kool Aid? Or is it going to taste like cherry pie? It it smells good. Down the hatch. Whoa. That's amazing. Like it taste like Kool-Aid pie. Like I don't know how better to explain that. Like it tastes like drinking Kool Aid but in pie form. Like that is actually really good and refreshing and perfect for the summer. Honestly I would drink I would eat this with Kool-Aid like drink. That would be really good together. Man I should have made some of that. I'm going to go make some. That sounds amazing. You guys gotta try this one. Wow. Look at that. Two thumbs up. Alright we got three fourths cup of A and W root beer. Half a cup of fat free milk. That good stuff. And then we got some jello. Some vanilla instant pudding mix. We're going to put this all into a bowl. Give it a good shake. Pat on the butt. And we're going to whisk this for 2 minutes. Now we're making a root beer float pie today. I came across this recipe and I'm a big root beer float fan from like Sonic or something like that or I think even AMW like the restaurant has those but yeah I'm just like it's summer root beer float time but then I saw pie I mean who doesn't like a good graham cracker crust pies so we're just doing all this together in one going to make something awesome for you guys okay now let's grab some Cool Whip I'm using the extra creamy just because I mean root beer flow kind of reminds me of like ice cream obviously so I just want something real creamy. I'm just going to drop that in there. I'm going to leave no I'm going to use it all. I'm just going to use it all. Don't leave any of that goodness out there. Extra creamy. I mean yeah. I think if it wasn't that'd be false advertising and we could sue them. For a lifetime supply of Cool Whip. Yeah. I would love that. Yeah. I wouldn't even need money. Give me a lifetime like once one in the mail every week, I'd be good. I keep my mouth shut after that. Do you guys like a lifetime supply cool whip? And do you guys use the extra creamy or do you just use the regular? I think there's even like sugar free too. I don't know about all that. Cool pip. Graham cracker crust. We got a graham cracker crust here. Just going to dump this. Oh my gosh. Right in there. Look how creamy that is. Man. Goodness. Now grab your spoon. And just kind of get all that out of there. That looks beautiful. Smells amazing. Okay. Now, what you want to do is just kind of smooth that out. The pie dish. Man it's already pretty smooth. Like it's so just glided right right in there where it needed to go. That looks pretty good. That's so good. This makes me hungry. Yeah. Okay let's put this in the refrigerator for about eight hours or overnight. And this going to this thing's going to be ready to go. I'm excited. It was a good spot. Yeah. Alright, let's try this thing out. This looks so good. This is that root beer float. Oh I think my wife just showed up. Let's get her to try this. What do you guys think? Heavy. You want to taste test this? Yeah. I made a root beer float pie. You ready? Did you get the cherries out and stuff? Oh yeah. I think I had the cherries somewhere. This is so romantic. Wow. **** you guys your honor. Really romantic. Date. Hang on. Uh will you get the whipped cream, the spray whipped cream in there? I don't know where it is. On the side. Yeah. Just gotta put a little cherry on there. Cuz every root beer float has a cherry. I mean it's gotta be. You want to try spray it on there? Whoa. Is that actually how much you eat? Yeah. Okay. Huh? Cute. Two each their own. Is it good? I haven't tried it yet. But is it good? So good. It is? I want some. I want to try it. Does it taste like a rubier float? It actually does. We used like heavy whipping cream or not heavy whipping cream. Like the what was it called? Extra creamy. Extra creamy whipped cream. Oh yeah. I can definitely taste that root beer. That's some good stuff right there. You guys gotta try that. You already know what this is. We're going to pour this into a third cup. That should be good. Alright. It's okay if something falls over. Oh yeah. I mean ideally you wouldn't but half a cup of water. So this is going to be pretty concentrated. But we're not just making some lemonade. Alright. We're making a fresh lemonade pie. Frozen pie. This thing is going to be so good. Pour that mixture in there. Beautiful. All those sugars coming out. We'll do a little scrape scrape action on that. Now, you want to grab a pint of vividly vanilla or just regular vanilla. I think that was just a cool alliteration that they used. Someone out there was trying to be cool. Well, it came out really nice. Okay. Now, let's just get this. Whoa. Just kind of break this up. Now, let's get some cool whip. Original. Got that Kroger brand. You don't want the spoon? Oh, no. You need to wipe the spoon? Nice. Junk in it. Very cool. It's all going in the same pot. Mm. You know what I mean? Look at that. Now, we're talking. Did you know that stirring creates heat? Sorry. Stirring creates energy. Energy creates heat. Mmm. Learn that in chemistry two class in college. That's entropy and empathy, right? Something like that. Yeah. So, the reason why you stir like sugar into your coffee is and why it works to blend it quicker is is it's actually making technically making your coffee hotter. Really? And it's dissolving, turning the sugar or salt into a liquid form. Huh. So, not only did you guys learn a new recipe but you learned a new fun fact for your next little potluck. Going around the room introducing yourself, telling some fun facts the table. You're welcome. That is interesting. We're going to get the little hand mixer. Ooh. We're going to really get this thing broken down. Oh, nice. Just beat this thing. Didn't we just use that with the chicken? Uh well, you know. We washed it. Yeah, we we probably won. Oh, that's getting it good. Look at that. Look at that. Okay, that is good stuff right there. Wow. Yeah. Yeah. That's going to pour out perfect. So now, let's bring our graham cracker crust and we're just going to pour this mixture right on in there. It's that easy. Oh, it's that easy. Wow. Takes no time. You can. Ooh. Literally have a perfect summer pie. Ooh. In minutes. Don't scoop all of that in there. I want to lick that. I know. I'm sorry. Oh, wow. Look at that. So, one step further that I'm going to take this and you don't have to I just really like lemon. Um I'm actually going to I I sliced up a little lemon and it you know makes it look pretty. So you kept the seeds in there too. Some people are into that. Yeah because I'm not going to actually eat the lemon you know. Oh. Yeah. Just going to kind of do that and then just for some kicks going to oh. Make it look pretty. Well now you have to eat them. Oh yeah. It's just like a potato chip. Yep. Put this in the freezer for three hours and you have the perfect summer pie. Very nice. That looks like as good a spot as any. Very good. Oh yeah. Three hours will come back. Nice. Oh my gosh. That is hard as a rock. This is going to be so good. Let's see. Should I get like a lemon piece? Mhm. Do you think that these lemons like add flavor to what's under it? Or just does it just look cool? Oh definitely. I think it seeks straight through but I bet it's just like a circle of flavor. Yeah. The whole. Okay. The whole piece. I didn't know if it like infused it. Like essential oils you know. Oh yeah. Watch your finger that that ends going right through the oh. Yeah. Bird you skip the plate. Put that whole thing in your mouth. You know what? Right. Yeah. Ooh that really froze all the way through. Yeah dude. I gotta take this lemon off though. Cuz that's going to yeah. Ooh. It kind of smells like key lime pie. Mm. That's really interesting. I wonder wonder why that is. Okay. That might be the best pie I've ever made. I don't know why it tastes so much like key lime pie. Dude that's epic. But like I think the ice cream I guess I just like ice cream a lot but ooh yeah. For some reason this tastes so much like key lime. I don't know. But that's like lemon and lime. I thought those tasted different. I'm not going to question it. I'm just going to accept it. And eat this whole thing. That's epic. You should make this. Very easy. Very very good. That's a win. Win. Haylor, you want some pie? Bro get down there and like smell it. Like let me get a nice shot of you. No. I knew that was coming. Did you really? Yeah. Alright we got three fourths cup of crush mixed with half cup of milk. We got some whole milk action in there. We're going to make some oh let's do this. Vanilla jello. Three ounces of that. We're going to dump that in there. Oh baby. Sorry this thing's trying to run away from me. We're going to make a really good like kind of creamsicle like orange crush float pie. Sorry I had to like think about what I was making for a second. It sounds good. Yeah we're going to mix that together. Like a creamsicle pie. Yeah pretty much. Cuz I made like a rubier float pie and you guys seem to really like that one. Um and it's funny it tasted a lot like a ruby float just melted like in the summertime. Yeah yeah yeah. Um and then some people were mentioning that they make this. So I kind of just wanted to try it out. Um so now let's add eight ounces of cool whip. Dunk that right in there. And this is what kind of gives it that like melted ice cream taste I think. That color's going to look so cool. I know. Yeah the rubier flow one was kind of like bland looking color wise. So I think this one will bright orange. Summery. Yeah this cool whip's going to tame the orange color a little bit but you should give it a little neon looking this would be like a really fun like party type of thing you know yeah yeah if someone came to your house and then you just have like an orange even if you did like a little bit of orange food coloring in here first oh yeah you know what I mean like that'd be cool well there was one where I think it had like orange extract but I don't even know what that is yeah but we can garnish this with with a little bit of orange zest. Orange zest. Yeah. I think I have an orange. Smart. Cuz yeah the rubier one. Yeah this this same thing. It didn't it's this is not as orange as you. Right. But yeah I think a little bit of orange food coloring would be really cool in this. Yeah that's that's a good idea I think. So we're going to grab a graham cracker crust. And we're going to dump this mixture just right on top of there. Whoa. It's going to be good. You could probably add some like mandarin oranges in this. Oh yeah. Make or like maybe decorate it on top with some mandarin oranges. But I'm just going simple. If you guys want to add more to it, let me know what you're going to add in the comments and I'd love to see what you guys kind of create out of this. But I just wanted just the classic recipe. Show you guys how simple it is to make something delicious. Ooh I filled it up perfectly. So it's going to smooth that out. Smooth like butter. Cuz it's got kind of like the consistency of like a bananas and cream pie. Mhm. Right? Really textury and whipped. There we go. Okay. Now all you have to do is put this in the freezer for about an hour or so. Um depending on how with the consistency you want. Uh but yeah. Should be good to go after that. Alright now the final step. If you ever have an orange it's getting a little moldy. It's a trick that you can do to make the most of it. We needed some orange for garnish anyway. So it's going to kind of sprinkle that stuff on there. Ooh and that zest. That really the flavor comes out. You can use as much of that as you want. But it definitely will make it very orangey. And I didn't put this in the freezer for too long. So it's not going to be quite as like solid and frozen but I like mine to to seem more oh that's pretty good right there. Oh yeah. Man. Yeah it's more like a cream pie. Yeah. And I think you can do it either way. It's just personal preference. I'm really curious to see what this like orange soda tastes like in a pie. Let's see. That is cool. Like like literally like a cooling sensation. Kinda like essential oils. Maybe it's because orange is an essential oil that we've smelled in the house. I feel like I'm just like eating it, you know? In a good way though, not a weird way. And the garnish definitely got the zest. It really helps. That is so good. Now. Alright so we have half a cup of milk. Half a cup of Coca Cola. The classic. Now we're going to add three ounces of vanilla jello. We're going to make some cherry cola pie. A float pie if you will. It's already gotten like quite so good. Creamy over there if you would. So you grab Maraschino cherries. And what you do is you just get the liquid and that's going to give you the cherry flavor. What? I know it's a cool hack. It's like cherry flavor instantly. Cherry concentrate. Yup. Now, we're going to whisk this together and this is going to be a really cool color oh man that smells so good cherry coke. It straight up smells like you went to Sonic and grab a cherry coke that light ice. Oh man, they have the best ice. Sonic? Yeah. Yeah. My aunt used to go there. She probably still does. Goes there and like just orders their ice. My parents do that too. Yeah. They put it in their freezer. It's so good. I think now they sell it. Yeah, they do. Yeah. It's $2. It's crazy. It's so smart like that's a great marketing tactic for them. Sonic ice. Yeah. I mean, it is the best. Oh yeah, dude. It's getting thick. It looks like kind of like caramelly. So you're going to put it in there just like that? No I'm going to do some cool it but you want to like get the chunks out of the pudding first. What do you guys think? Comment before you see it because. Yeah. If you do it afterwards you're cheating. Yeah. Obviously. Cheaters out there. Don't be cheating. We'll find you. Probably not though. Probably not. It's really hard to find people on the internet. I probably should use a spoon for this. There we go. Oh that worked. It kind of worked. Yeah. Alright so eight ounces of Cool Whip. And now we just mix that in. Or what do they call it? Fold it in. Even though this isn't technically folding right? This is just yeah that's definitely mixing. Whisking. I like it though. Whisking in a bowl. Yeah it just kind of you guys know that song? Whiskeying in a bowl. Let's try a little bit of it. Perfection. Mm. Wow. That's good. Okay. Now grab a graham cracker crust pie. Always. Pie crust. Whatever it's called. Oh man. Look how smooth that is. It's like a fluffy cloud. I just want to lay my head in it. I can get messy. I know. Gonna get the rest of this out of there. That is like a perfect texture. It really is. I feel like it's going to taste exactly like just a melted like Coke float. Forgot about your Coke float in the car and then you go grab it. I feel like it's like that's going to be the taste of it. Ooh that looks good. I don't know how people make it look smooth. I'm just going to probably ignore that. It's going to taste the same right? Yeah. Okay so let's put this in the freezer for about an hour or so and then we'll do some little garnish fancy things on it. Smells good. What does it smell like? Smells like cherries and coke honestly. Oh my gosh. I mean. Who would have guessed? Right? I'm going to do a little bit of garnishing. Y'all don't have to do this but I just thought it'd be kind of fun. Little cutesy. Put some stuff on there. And then well. You already know. Probably should've done like this right? That would look cooler. Yeah. Gotta have something to work off of. Oh that looks it. Yeah baby. Bon appetit right there. Oh let's just cut straight to the bottom of this. You know let's just like cut right to the chase. I don't know how this crust is going to hold up but honestly I don't really care because I'm just excited to try this. I think as as long as it's all there in the bite it's going to be fine. Man that is so I probably could've left it in the freezer a little bit longer but I like mine a little bit soft and moist. So I'm just going to grab some of this. Let's try it out. Here we go. Ooh it smells good. Yeah. It got like a big like carbonation from the cola kick at the end. That is solid. It literally tastes like you had a cherry coke float and it melted a little bit in the sun and you're just eating that sucker. Man. That's good. Put that back in the freezer. Eat the rest tomorrow. This is way harder than it looks. Oh I'm going to bring it back down. Quarter and a cup. Yep, that was good. Alright, so we got half a cup of milk and 3/ 4 cup of Doctor Pepper. We're going to make an amazing pie today. I just love these float pies. We got jello, three ounce. We're going to do the vanilla with this one. If you want to pour that whole thing in there, Alright. And we're just going to start mixing this up. Look at that. I got these new bowls from Ikea or Ikia. Is that is that what it's called? That's definitely it. It's like the some Swedish company. It's feeding. Yeah I I don't know how to how you say it in English but I didn't went back with the real utensil. I'm sorry I made you guys cringe with that little cake whipper thing. I don't even know what that thing's called basing. Okay. That's looking pretty good. So or Cool Whip. I like the Kroger brand. Um for one it's cheaper. And I kind of think it tastes better too. Or maybe it's just that you think that things taste better whenever you feel accomplished for saving money. Is that a thing? It's a thing. Is that like a mental thing? There's like a value associated with it? I like saving money. Save what is it? Save money. Live better Walmart. That's something like that. I thought it was I like saving money. If you guys know it is, put it in the comments because I forgot but I'm pretty sure it has something to do with saving money. I was kind of out of luck but I think it's still going to Oh yeah. Yeah it's definitely going to still smell like Doctor Pepper. I'm going to use a spout. I'm thinking I'm just excited about these Ikea or Ikea bowls. So we're just going to pour that right in there. You could make your own graham cracker crust. You could I wouldn't use like sugar free on this one. Like sugar free pudding or jello. Um and sugar free Doctor Pepper because I just don't think it's going to like turn out as well. And obviously it won't taste good because oh yeah that's going to be good. Yes. You really getting better at that. Just taste good. It's kind of yeah. Okay. So Doctor Pepper's tomorrow. Now let's put this in the freezer for about eight hours and check on it after that. Alright. That look good. Shake it around. See it's not not going nowhere. Sound it as a rock. I'm going to do a little bit of whipped topping on this. Just make a little Looks good. Like a little snake. It's kind of like abstract. Yeah. That's what I like. Let's cut into this bad boy. Now this is cutting way better than the last one I did. I think I left it in long enough. Cuz I did the full eight hours in the freezer. I think that really helped. So let's get that Yeah it's like a pie. Yeah that's like oh my gosh. That's looking good. Almost like a cheesecake. Yeah. Consistency. Kinda like flawn. Yeah. Looks like it too. And I let it sit out a little bit. That's why it's kind of melted. I'm sorry about that. It should be more like this top layer. But I mean it's still going to taste amazing I feel like. Make sure you get that crust in there. It's trying to run away from me. Come back here. Okay. Here we go. Ooh it smells like dash pepper. I'm excited. Man I just have gotten so much better at these. I'm not going to lie. Like the first slow pie I made it was not that great. This one we are really getting onto something. I think the biggest thing is putting it in the freezer for long enough. Cuz when it sits like it really gets nice and firm. Tastes like Doctor Pepper. So good. Try this one out. See what you think. Look at that jello. Strawberry. It smells very strongly. Oh yeah. Can you guys smell that? Just stir it for two minutes until it's fully dissolved. Okay we got our jello. We're going to pour pour pour into a bowl that can handle the heat. Gots to be able to handle the heat. You can't handle the heat. Alright got a can of cool whip. Put your ladle. You want to use half of this. I just want to like do it. Don't tell my wife. Okay. Okay. Yeah. That looks so funny. It's a big blob. I love using a ladle for this because you can really floating. Like a bunch of it in there. That's like answers that age old question. What? Does Cool Whip float? It does. We just that's that should be on Mythbusters. Yeah. It's like baking in science. It's making a big fruit pie. Some blubberies. Fresh blubbers. Mm. Gotta pour those in. And this going to be like in the filling of the pie. This isn't going to be on top. So, we'll do some more for the top. You want to carefully, very carefully Well, looks like food coloring. Yeah. Did you put food coloring in there? No. I feel like I'd want to be really careful not to. Very festive. This quick. What if I just did this? Don't burst your berries. That looks better. That looks good. Yeah. It kind of looks like a fruit salad or whatever those are. Okay. Alright so we got our mixture of whipped cream, berries, other stuff that I forgot of. Berries and cream. Oh man that poured like nice and smooth. And this is the heated graham crack crust. Remember we did that so. I remember that. I'm just had in the fridge for me and we're going to put that in the fridge for two hours. Yeah. 2 hours. 2 hours. Ooh. Oh it's so hot. It's so hot. It's really hot. Uh Okay. There we 2 hours. Alright. Bye bye my pretty. Ooh. Oh, nice and pokey and spongy. Okay, now we're going to get some cool whip. Grab a little bag. You could also use like what's the spray stuff called? Like Ready Whip? I'm just going to go around the edge. You guys get the picture. Yeah, it looks really good. It's all going to taste the same. Fill in the gap. Okay. Whatever. I tried. I tried to make it pretty for you guys. I'm sorry I didn't. So we're going to do some little thin sliced turkey. I mean man's mustache. Oh yeah it kind of does. It looks like what women put on like or men I guess you know. Put on for a spa. I think I've done a cucumber spa thing. It's kind of cool. Did you feel refreshed afterwards? Yeah I did. I felt it in my pores. Mm. In my van right here and save the actual decorated part for my friends. Let's just do a big chunk. Dip into the mustache. Yeah, here we go. You ready? Yeah. Oh, this is a gram card with a knife. Yeah, that's a good idea. Oh, yeah. Perfect. Look at that. Um that's pretty good. Dude that looks amazing. Like I could have been a little bit more proper with that but just me and my wife eating it so. That's good. Can't believe that was jello. Like that is crazy how spongy it is. You can see the holes in it and stuff. Yeah. That's so good. You guys gotta try this. Very refreshing. Tastes like summer honestly. Mm. Alright guys, I'm laying down the graham cracker crust here. Just crushed graham crackers. We've got our apple pie filling. Just going to dump that. Pop in there. All the goodness. Mm. This is going to be super super easy recipe. Okay. You won't spread this around everywhere. It'll be so yummy. Okay, so I open up a pack of crescent rolls. Again, I cut them into tiny tiny strips and I'm just going to lay these out. A top here. Whoa. Now we're going to start with this. We're going to go over and then under. Over or create like a basket weave. Over and under. Really cool. Nice. Same thing will go over. Under. Okay so just yeah over and under each. Weaving it? Yep. We're going to create like a basket weave. It's going to be really yummy. A few extra. We'll just kind of put these on the outside. Okay. But it makes it real real flaky. It's so yummy. Mm. We'll double up this one too. Just on the outside you want to kind of create that like you know like that pie like crust. Yeah. I see what you're doing. Yeah and it looks like it looks like super fresh when I kind of connect them and. Okay. It looks real fresh once it's made. It looks like pie crust. Yeah. And this is just a can of croissants like anybody could do this. It's super easy. Okay. Okay, so this is going to go in the oven at 350 for about 10 to 15 minutes. Awesome. Let's see how this is. Looks like a fresh baked apple pie right there. That's great. Perfect.
easy pies that are so good! | pie | Derek makes all his favorite pies that are perfect for summertime. | By Derek's CreationsFacebook
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