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Does Einstein& Relativity Theory impart any real life wisdom. Check out these math equations and dig the wisdom. Einstein, Math Formulas, E Mc2, Quantum Physics, Physics Laws, Physicist, Study Tips, Science And Nature, Science And Technology

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simplified laws of science. What's interesting about this is that physicists are now theorizing that information that is taken in by a black hole is not lost as once thought. Now they are theorizing that information is conserved, but in what form or way, they are still unsure of.

 Moon rising in front of the milky way. - Science and Nature Cosmos, Beautiful Moon, Beautiful World, Shoot The Moon, Moon Rise, Science And Nature, Night Skies, Belle Photo, Scenery

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Universe - The Antennae Galaxies in Collision Image Credit: Hubble Legacy Archive, NASA, ESA; Cosmos, Astronomy Pictures, Telescope Pictures, Astronomy Facts, Hubble Pictures, Across The Universe, Space Images, Space Pics, Space And Astronomy

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 First aurora beyond solar system was found on a brown dwarf some 18 light-years away. This aurora is times more powerful than any astronomers have witnessed before. Artist conception of an aurora over the polar region of a brown dwarf. Cosmos, Interstellar, Space Story, Alien Worlds, Science Photos, Science News, Space And Astronomy, Light Year, Our Solar System

Brown dwarf stars host powerful aurora displays, astronomers discover

Brown dwarf stars host powerful aurora displays just like planets, astronomers have discovered.