Aster Stitch - YouTube

This video knitting tutorial will help you learn how to knit the Aster stitch. Fast and Easy + For full written instructions, please visit link: http:&

Reversible Knitting. Slipped Hourglass stitch

Slipped Hourglass is a reversible knitting pattern. All wrong side rows: Knit all knit stitches, slip all purl stitches with yarn in front.

Herringbone stitch | Step-by-step Tutorial - YouTube

Watch this video to learn how to knit the Wicker stitch (aka Criss-cross stitch). This stitch is kind of like a hybrid between a cross stitch and a 2 stitch .

Flight Of The Bumblebee - YouTube

Watch video to learn how to knit the Flight Of The Bumblebee stitch. ++ Techniques used in this pattern: Knit

Diagonal Slip Stitch - YouTube

Watch video to learn how to knit the Alternating Welted Leaf stitch. The stitch is easy enough for even b.

Staggered Eyelets - YouTube

The Staggered Eyelet stitch pattern produces a pretty all over eyelet pattern. The eyelets are produced by creating both a yarn over and a decrease. Working these two together creates the eyelet in the fabric and maintains the stitch count.

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Alternating Diagonals | Reversible pattern looks exactly the same on both sides, created only with simple knit and purl stitches.

If you know how to do the Tunisian Knit stitch and the Tunisian Purl stitch, you can translate a lot of the simple knit and purl stitch knit designs into a Tunisian crochet design!

Fancy Stitch Combo - Dropped Stitch Scrunch - YouTube

Fancy Stitch Combo - Dropped Stitch Scrunch - v e r y p i n k . c o m - knitting patterns and video tutorials