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Always Grade Your Friends Notes

Always Grade Your Friends Notes - School Fails

57 Hilarious Memes That Will Leave You In Stitches

When you need a good laugh take a moment and pass through this collection.

21 Things That Make Absolutely No Sense

Forget Bigfoot, Yeti, and the Bermuda Triangle. Discombobulating.

39 People Who Had One Job and Failed So Miserably it Hurts

Seriously, Just ONE JOB! ONE!!

38 More Funny Images To Laugh At And Share

Need some well timed laughter material to share on your whatsapp group? Check out this huge bunch of 38 funny images for you to save!


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Wait, is that a ... ?

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You Had One Job! 33 More Epic Failures | Team Jimmy Joe

You had one job. One simple task. You didn't notice? Better luck next time, huh?

Picture memes SyffogAb6 — iFunny

I went and asked my teacher why she wrote, “SALSA" on my paper and she told me I got a 59 out of 59, She also mentioned maybe I'm not as smart as she thought I was. – popular memes on the site