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an image of a man with glasses and the caption t paine before it was cool
funny puns - He's in Love With a Pamphlet
a hand holding a pencil and writing on paper with the words, get away from the lecture
Free history simulation activity for the middle school and high social studies classroom and homeschoolers. This social studies simulation game will help students better understand what soldiers faced during World War 2, specifically the Battle of Iwo Jima. This blog post includes why simulations are beneficial, tips on how to create your own simulation game, and how to use simulation activities in the secondary classroom and and homeschooling. #brainyapples #simulations #socialstudies #...
a poster with instructions on how to use the parts of the paper
Teaching idea SS4H1 Explain the causes, events, and results of the American Revolution. d. Explain the writing of the Declaration of Independence; include who wrote it, how it was written, why it was necessary, and how it was a response to tyranny and the abuse of power.
a man sitting at a desk in front of a computer screen with the caption british just saying you're independent doesn't make it true thomas jefferson
I declared it 😂
the hammer is laying on the ground next to an image of someone's feet
Humanity – theCHIVE
tabqexpffjwroh4ghtthrcfhiowxkoqgqwe4asuh1vm History memes that will make you laugh and learn (25 Photos)
an old paper with writing on it and the words troll level expert written in black ink
Memes throughout history
Memes throughout history - Imgur
a man in a suit and tie sitting at a desk
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an image of a man in armor with the caption you want to be independent? that's adorable
King George III meme
an image of a group of people at a dinner table with the caption america is leaving you britain my name is bridgeet
America is no longer interested in a long-term commitment, England
America is no longer interested in a long-term commitment England - History Memes - #historymeme #history - America is no longer interested in a long-term commitment England The post America is no longer interested in a long-term commitment England appeared first on Gag Dad.
a bulletin board with several different types of trees on it and the words state government written below
My Chart - Branches of Government
an old scroll with the words articles of conferation, strength and weakness
Articles of Confederation Strengths and Weaknesses | Publish with Glogster!
Articles of Confederation | Articles of Confederation Strengths and Weaknesses | Publish with ...
a white board with some writing on it
Branches of government
an open laptop computer sitting on top of a desk next to a potted plant
Teaching with a Caffeine Queen on Instagram: “20 minutes of ketchup and pickles time on a Friday is a MUST! My students love having this time scheduled it! ❤💛💚 #iteachthird…”
the u s government info sheet
What's 223 Years Old, 4543 Words Long, And Routinely Ignored By Both Parties?
the US constitution...4,543 of the best, most powerful words ever put down on paper!
an info sheet describing how the electrical college works and where it is located in the united states
Meet the Family: A Tale of Love, Service, and Learning
the u s supreme court is shown in this diagram
American Government 101
American Government 101
a black and white photo with the words civics 101
Civics 101: We do NOT live in a democracy, we live in a constitutional republic The difference? In a democracy, 51% of the people can take 100% of your rights In a constitutional republic, the rights of all are equally protected. Freedom of choice is allowed in a constitutional republic. In a democracy the mob rules. - iFunny
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an info poster showing the different types of buildings and how they are used to build them
Understanding Congress flow chart
a diagram with the words how bill becomes a law
bill becomes law flowchart worksheet | Lesson Plan: How a Bill Becomes a law (The Legislative Process):
a piece of paper with writing on it that says, pompi which event most engaged the colnists and made them want to fight for independence
Opinion Writing About the Causes of the American Revolution
Content Writing Opinion Essay Anchor Chart American Revolution
the tweet is being used to describe what it's like to be on twitter
APUSH Pick up lines. These are hilarious, oh my gosh
the seven types of propagana
Critical TV Time - Home Literacy Blueprint
A persuasive writing and speaking activity for kids, focused on identifying propaganda while watching TV.