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the 25 song's for 25 days are shown in black and white with text
25 Songs, 25 Days (Blog Challenge)
Amrican Poet By R. Cary
Amrican Poet By R. Cary @ www.amricanpoet.com
How to Start Your Novel: Advice From Literary Agents
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Body language cheat sheet
body language for character building
a man helping a young boy to tie his bowtie with the words writing dialogue 50 things characters can do while they talk
50 Things Your Characters Can Do WHILE They Talk
Help your reader visualize the scene, open up new possibilities for body language, and express character through action. || Writing Dialogue: 50 Things Characters Can Do WHILE They Talk #nanowrimo #how to write a novel
the instructions for how to write a scene in 11 steps, with text overlay
Writing tip:
a pie chart with the words, your first draft and some other things on it
First draft #writing
the draft of a novel is shown in purple and pink squares with words above it
How to write a novel step by step | Free guide to writing a novel
The Drafts of a novel http://www.novel-software.com/novelwritingdrafts.aspx #writing
the four types of endings are shown in purple and black text on a white background
The Week in Writing: My Favorite Posts & Tips 3/21/14
If the end of a book does not please the reader, the story might not remain in the readers’ heart. The end is a very important part of a novel and it remains in the reader’s heart when the story finishes. Check out these 5 different types of endings. #narrative #writing #infographic #stories #books #authors
five characters who should be in your story infographical poster - click to enlarge
8 ½ Character Archetypes You Should Be Writing
5 Characters Who Should Be in Your Story Infographic
an info poster with different types of people
How to tell a story