Bargello magic (not sure if I could actually make this, but one can wish!)

Bargello Magic How To Design Your Own By Pauline Fischer And Anabel Lasker Vintage Needlepoint Book 1972

intro to bargello

Terry Dryden Needlework Designs - Color Texture Stitch - Intro to Bargello/Needlepoint Update

Beautiful Bargello - wish i knew what size the pattern is - the pattern is here :

This is Gail’s Links Bargello quilt and you can find the pattern for sale here . I love Bargello quilts, they have amazing movement and.

Bargello Needlepoint | ... and Bargello Needlepoint - Designer Profile - Nuts about Needlepoint

Thinking this could be converted into a arrow quilt. Four-way needlepoint bargello designed by Liz Morrow