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Did you know if you draw on a lightbulb with a sharpie it'll decorate the walls with your designs.

Did you know if you draw on a lightbulb, that the design will cast on your wall at night. How adorable for a child's room -- Even let child design their own lightbulb and watch their art project on the wall!

T shirt scarf!

The best DIY projects & DIY ideas and tutorials: sewing, paper craft, DIY. DIY Clothing & Tutorials DiY tshirt scarf -Read More -

Only two ingredients, and it's good for your skin.

DIY Makeup Setting Spray

DIY Makeup Setting Spray: 2 ingredients- Vegetable glycerin (Walmart) and bottled water along with a spray bottle

Bake marbles at 325/350 for 20 min. Put in ice water to make them crack on the inside. Glue end caps to them with starter rings to create pretty pendants!

baked marbles - Bake on a cookie sheet at about 325 - 350 for 20 minutes. Remove from oven & immediately put them in a metal bowl or sink of cold water & ice - they'll sizzle & crack. Can be wire-wrapped, or glue end caps with rings on the marbles

"DIY Temporary Tattoo ♥" by for-the-love-of-tips on Polyvore What you need ♥ ~ a sharpie ~ baby powder ~ hair spray   What to do ♥ 1. Draw your tattoo on your skin with a sharpie 2. Rub baby powder on your tattoo 3. Spray the tattoo with hair spray

DIY Temporary Tattoo- What you need: Sharpie, baby powder & hair spray. What to do: Draw your tattoo on your skin with a sharpie, Rub baby powder on your tattoo, Spray the tattoo with hair spray

diy braclet- add larger bead in middle and three smaller beads on each side string. Three knots and then repeat beading steps. Cool but not as cool as my paracord bracelets.

Tattoo idea for girl. Fall Down seven times stand up eight

Here's the thing: I HATE this quote. You cannot stand up more times than you fall down. You fall seven times, you get up 7 times. You can't phantom stand up one time.

DIY Tutorial: Scarf / DIY Scarf - Bead

SCARVES: DIY ruffle T-shirt scarf refashion - check out my other pins as guest pinner on this month!

Make a wrap skirt: No sewing needed!

DIY Draped Skirt…no sew. The girl in the pics is actually using an old H scarf, but any jersey fabric (roughly wide and long) will do. Just wrap, twist and tuck (and maybe add a safety pin to keep it all in place!

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