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pineapples, grapes and other fruit are arranged on a yellow plate at the table
Cute for a "Goodbye" party! See ya later, alligator! OR any kind of party for a gal named Allee!!! OR for Florida Gator parties!!!
someone cutting up a watermelon with a knife
1.8K views · 22K reactions | Pegue essa dica maravilhosa para decorar sua mesa e deixar ainda mais elegante, bonita e saborosa . #repost @cheefiran . Amei sua inspiração! Dica boa é dica compartilhada! Perfect! 🌹🌿🌹🌿🌹🌿🌹🌿🌹🌿🌹🌿🌹🌿 | amor servido à mesa | amorservidoamesa · Original audio
an elephant made out of sliced strawberries and bananas on a plate with green leaves
A Yummy Elephant 🍓
a table topped with plates of fruit and watermelon cut in half to look like animals
Good Morning🌹
small desserts are arranged on a clear platter with flowers and greenery in the background
407K views · 38K reactions | Watermelon🍉🍉🍉 . . . . . . . . . . . . . #foodart #art #Instagram #instagood #reels #explore #viral #video #tiktok #foryou #funny #explorepage #recipe #watermelon | Aiza Itaeva | aizaparis_fr · Original audio
a woman standing in front of a wooden table with flowers on it and an empty speech bubble above her
654K views · 10K reactions | Comment “Graze” and I’ll send you my Amazon list, shopping list and must haves! 🧀🙌🏼 🍇 #grazingtable #charcuterieboard #grazingboard | The Orange Table | The Orange Table · Original audio
a cake with strawberries, blueberries and bananas arranged in the shape of a flower
a yellow plate topped with sliced tomatoes and cheese
sliced fruit and vegetables arranged on serving trays next to beer glasses, forks and utensils