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YAS - accessories for men

The name of the brand is YAS, the first letters of owner's first and last name. The company specializes in selling men’s unique accessories such as leather goods, cufflinks, jewelry and shoes. It is a brand that speaks to the real man who needs practicali…

Solution Of Alcohol (Concept) on Packaging of the World - Creative Package Design Gallery

Solution Of Alcohol (Concept)

Designed by Gennadii Pchelkin, Russia. This is not vodka or nastoyka. It is truthful solution of alcohol infused with garlic & pepper. For more information translated: - solution of alcohol - infused - alcohol Lux - 50% vol - 500 ml - orally eligible - keep away from children!! - dosage and administration (50 ml) - prepare (signature), verify (signature), sell. - period of storage is not limited The inscription on the label: manufacturer: pharmacy network "Your health"

Nubby Twiglet | The Week In Pictures: Sydney, Melbourne and New Zealand

The Week In Pictures: 12.6.14 | Sydney, Melbourne and Auckland!

This week: Sydney > Melbourne > Auckland. It’s been so good exploring this part of the world again after a year away. The best part of my trip by far has been meeting many folks I’…

Mysterium Wine. Designed by Spotlight. Designer: Ion Barbu #packaging #design

Mysterium Wine

Jidvei’s owner, one of the most competitive wine producers in Romania, decided to develop a new limited wine series designed to address a market segment well known for its general distrust towards the wine products: the night clubs/lounge bars arena.

Owen + Alchemy | by Potluck Creative  dark label works really well against orange back ground. dark colour also gives feel of authority and more serious

Foie gras and Toast

Potluck Creative is a creative co-op. We bring contemporary aesthetics to the table. Let's cook up something for your brand.

Zúmex Freshly Squeezed Orange Juice

Lavernia - Cienfuegos created a structural packaging and graphics for freshly squeezed orange juice for Zúmex. Zúmex manufactures professional citrus and fruit juicer machines. A new line of bottles have been developed for supermarkets and points of sale where the customer can squeeze their own fruit and take away fresh orange juice in bottle of their choosing, from 25cl to 1,5L.

Lovely Barrelhead Foods #packaging be sure and take a closer look PD

Barrelhead Foods

Woodinville Whiskey Co. has spun off a new brand: Barrelhead Foods Co. David Cole Creative created a brand aesthetic that has a lot in commmon with Woodinville Whiskey Company, as they share many values (not to mention whiskey barrels), but there are some important differences that take this design out of the spirits category and onto the realm of breakfast edibles. The graphics aesthetic (and company name) are inspired by the no-nonsense markings found on actual whiskey barrelheads and old…

Olivia Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil, branding, packaging, presentation

Olivia Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Designer: Julian Thebault Country: France

Flora by Josée Provost


Projet de fin d'études. Branding et packaging de Flora, une marque fictive haut de gamme qui vend des produits de cosmétique frais et faits à la main.School project. Branding and packaging of Flora, a brand of high-end cosmetics who sells fresh and hand…

Limonello! This has been repinned so many times since I put it on my handmade packaging board 13 weeks ago. It's easy to see why.

Party Detail Inspiration | Design Work Life

Design Work Life is a daily blog published by Seamless Creative, whose purpose is to share a love of design through daily design-centric inspiration.

L.O.V.E Potions are a series of artisanal, desire-inducing vodkas | Grain Design

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L.O.V.E Potions are a series of artisanal, desire-inducing vodkas | Grain Design

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Bourbon Packaging for Dancing Pines Distillery

Bourbon Packaging for Dancing Pines Distillery

These days it's perfectly acceptable to judge food by its label. Because if the company cares enough about design, they likely care just as much about the product inside.