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Ted Bundy, Crime

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Instagram tedbundyx

Instagram tedbundyx

10 Famous Serial Killers. 5. The Butcher from Rostov Andrei Chikatilo is one of the most famous serial killers, not only for the impressive number of murders, over 50, but for the incredible violence he used in performing his acts. He stabbed with gruesome pleasure his victims, as this was his only way of reaching orgasm. In 1994, Chikatilo was executed with a bullet in the back of his head, after the Russian President Boris Yeltsin refused his last call for clemency.

Chikatilo was a Ukrainian born serial killer and rapist. While in custody, Chikatilo confessed to over 50 murders and mutilations. He befriended, killed, and ate his victims. He admitted that his motives were solely for sexual gratification.

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Serial Killers In History: These are the Top 10 of the evilest and notorious serial killers in recent human history. List Top 10 Serial Killers in history.

The 14 Creepiest Ted Bundy Quotes

Theodore “Ted” Robert Bundy (born Cowell), of November in 1946 - of January

In his trials, Ted Bundy always made sure to address his female fans. Bundy believed that the more supporters he had, the more the jury would be swayed into thinking he wasn’t capable of horrific acts of kidnapping, rape and murder. Although many groupies were so deluded that they believed Ted Bundy was actually innocent, others were not so gullible and dyed their hair brunette and parted it in the middle so they would resemble his victims more.

Ted Bundy laughing in court as witness falsely identifies cop instead of him as abductor

Bundy in his first Florida trial. He was sentenced to death for the Chi Omega murders.

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