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purple lilacs in full bloom against a blue sky
many white daisies are arranged together in this close - up photo, with yellow centers
the white flowers are blooming on the tree branch in the sunlit sky background
some white and blue flowers with green leaves
an open book with the words in german on it's page, which is black and white
Kitap Sayfaları
#kitap #kitapalıntıları #alinti #alıntılar #alıntı #söz #sözler #umut #kitaptan
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the words are written in black and white on a dark background with an image of a man
Kendinizi vazgeçilmez sanmayın :)
a woman holding a bouquet of pink roses in her hands with a button on it
<<Соблюдайте спокойствие... И не касайтесь того, что вас не касается...>>
Uzun bir aradan sonra ben geldim :)
#şarkı #şarkısözleri #kısaşarkı #müzik