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This human sundial shadow science experiment is a hands-on way for kids to learn how shadows are made and measure the earth's rotation. Contains questions to ask during and after the experiment. Shadow Science | Outdoor STEM | Science experiments for kids

Human Sundial Shadow Science Experiments

Human sundial shadow science experiments for kids! Fun hands-on outdoor science activities like these can help children learn how shadows are created and measure the earth's rotation.

Solar System: Rotating and Revolving anchor chart


I'm back! This week, my third graders are learning about the solar system. To kick off this unit, I wanted them to know the difference bet...

Third Grade Thinkers: Science: Earth Cycles. I can also use this as 4th grade review when they forget that they learned this in 3rd grade

Science: Earth Cycles

We are finishing up a study of Earth Cycles this week. During this time we took a look at the Earth rotating and revolving. Here are two Mak...

Free Printable Solar System Model for Kids preview

Free Printable Solar System Model for Kids

I wanted to create a printable solar system model, something that I could print and put together easily to show my son what planets are in the solar system, which ones are closer or further from th…

I've been using lots of foldables this year with good results.  It gets the students more focused on the organizational aspect of the information.  :)

Notebooking, Teaching, and Technology

Here in South Carolina we will be in the path of a full eclipse on Monday, August 21st. Many schools in the state have pushed their start date for students to Tuesday, August 22nd, as the eclipse is due to occur at dismissal time for many of the schools and their is concern about walk/biking home in the dark as well as curious students looking directly at the sun. In our district students will be going back-to-school two days earlier (17th/18th) with the 21st off for teacher PD. Our district…

MOON PHASES EXPLAINED – if you're looking for a legit reason to pick up your next bag of #oreos, how about a little #moon study!

Top 10 Infographics Of 2013 [Infographics]

Like most recent years, 2013 has been packed full of infographics. Some were about current events, others just covered cool topics. A lot of those infographics turned out pretty awesome. Here are top 10 infographics of 2013 on the internet according to visually.

Fun and easy craft to teach kids the reason behind the seasons!

Earth, sun, & moon lesson plans for 3rd grade - Glitter in Third

Fun and easy craft to teach kids the reason behind the seasons!

Such a fun way to teach kids about the phases of the moon! Make Oreo moon phases!

Oreo Moon Phases - The Stem Laboratory

My little astronomers love observing the night sky! After they asked how the moon shrunk and grew, I knew it was the perfect time to teach them about the moon’s phases with this oh-so-yummy Oreo space activity. Who knew science could be so tasty?! Getting Ready To prep the activity, I needed: 1 medium ball (baseball […]

This HANDS ON and INTERACTIVE science activity helps clear up misconceptions about how the EARTH and MOON orbit the SUN.

Space: Model of Earth & Moon's orbit

One of the biggest misconceptions that students have is that they believe that the Sun travels around the Earth. My students were no exception...That is why I created this model that allows students to manipulate the Earth and the moon in order to gain a better understanding. With this activity, you...

On EarthAn illumination of the earth's orbit, rotation, and tilt through "poetic text and gorgeous illustrations." (SLJ) While not as straightforward as some other titles, most students will get the message about how these factors relate to our days, years, and seasons, and the striking and colorful illustrations will keep them engaged from cover to cover.

Best Books on the Planets for Kids

Click here to see clever, educational, beautifully illustrated books on the planets for kids.

Best Books on the Planets for Kids

Click here to see clever, educational, beautifully illustrated books on the planets for kids.