Big little basket

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the letter k is made up of pink and white paper with silver beads on it
Painted sorority Letters
two pink tickets with the words alpha chi omga on them are sitting next to each other
Alpha Chi Omega go greek ticket
there are many different items on the floor next to each other, including books and pens
delta phi epsilon big little basket
the word pilicaa phi is surrounded by flowers and leaves on a light blue background
pi beta phi graphic
two pieces of paper with the letters and numbers on them, one has a butterfly
Sorority Canvas
a white wall with a smiley face on it and the words singa singa singa
Tri Sigma painting
the letters are made out of different types of paper and other things to make it look like
four different greeting cards on a bed
Dphie Canvas
a person holding up a pink sign that says,'adult attii '
some pink and white greeting cards on a wooden table with gold foil stars in the background
Big/Little Canvas