Nurettin Kazankaya

Nurettin Kazankaya
Nurettin Kazankaya
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♫♪ Music ♪♫ drummer CLANADONIA shot by Brad.T.Riley

LOVE THIS BAND! This is one Tu-Bardh Wilson of Clanadonia, a Celt and Pict inspired drum and bagpipes band. They are known for their very animated live performances.

The Hobbit

The Hobbit dwarves, pre and post make-up. I always knew there was a TON of makeup, but still! It's so weird seeing them like this! Fili and Kili are still the only hot ones, lol ;)<<<< the guy who plays Thorin's looks so much better as a dwarf it's weird

Illustration by Dean Cornwell

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Analytical Figure Drawing - CGMA 2D Academy via

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